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Took the NCLEX today at 1:45pm done by 3pm. The computer shut off at 100, and I had alot of SATA! (which I always get nervous about) Came home, checked the PVT and got the good pop up! YEAH!!!!!!!:yes:... Read More

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    No its not 100 percent fail.
    I got cc page and passed

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    Quote from lailakamal
    I took the nclex today and the computer shut off at75 questions but when I went to register again it took me to the payment page!! Is that a 100% fail!!!??? Please help me I can't go to bed an my head is burning ?
    Wait for the official results bec i have read somewhere in this forum that there have been those that didn't get a good pop up but still passed.
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    I think tomorrow you should go on to the Dept of nursing and go to exam results. That's how I checked for sure my results for sure. Don't make yourself crazy, and don't beat yourself up. I don't know if the PVT is always right. I know I have read that people have not gotten the good pop up and then found out they have actually passed
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    Good luck next week!!!

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