Nclex testing tommorrow

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    I'm taking my nclex tomorrow I've study but not sure if I'm ready. Any advice on how to get through this test without breaking down?

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    Just remember this-Nclex is testing to see if you're a safe nurse. You have the knowledge. Be happy when you get SATA (select all's) and any alternative style questions-that's a good thing. Take your time, especially on the first 10 questions. When you have it narrowed down to two, go with your gut and then answer yourself why you're picking that one. You can do this-be excited about it, you've worked hard to get to take this test!!
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    Thanks for the advice!!! I'm let you know if I pass.
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    Good luck to you!! Tuesday is my big day
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    Good luck to you too!!!
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    Good luck!! I take it tomorrow too. Trying to pump my self up. I've been so excited this whole time and now that it's here, I'm a little scared. Silly, I know.
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    Good luck to all of you!!!
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    I took my test yesterday also. Did you do the PVT trick? It's accurate
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    We were all scared to death. After the test I fell to my knees because I knew that I had failed because my last question was a Select All That Apply and it cut off on 75. I couldn't move until I found the courage to do the PVT trick and what do you know, I passed!!!! And you will also!

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