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So I promised myself that I would write my success story after passing the NCLEX because this forum truly helped me when preparing for the NCLEX. I want to give back to the allnurses community. List of main resources I used: ... Read More

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    Thanks so much for posting this link to the PDF, however I'm having trouble opening the Lab values PDF. Please help!!! God bless you.
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    Can someone who is able to open the PDF that Goodie posted above is so kind and forward it to my email??? Pleaseeee!!! I can not open the

    My address:

    Thanks so much! Blessings.
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    Thx for sharing this info about the meds. Really helpful. If u have other tips feel free to share....
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    THANK YOU THANK YOU! Just what I was looking for
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    Quote from ::Goodie::
    Hi! Anyone have the link to the .pdf? Or, helpful cohort... would someone please send it to me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    T I A

    edited to add: I found this link and there are two helpful docs to take a look at - it may very well be the .pdf (+ another doc) we were all looking for. No exact questions, just good basics, folks.
    I take the NCLEX January 15, 2013!!! Only 3 weeks away and am trying to utilize any resource out there so far I've done HURST am doing Kaplan now... I just feel as if there is more I need to know because some questions I am presented with I have never went over the topic...
    Can you send me the PDF?
    I'd really appreciate it thanks so much