NCLEX-RN take 2, pvt, and what I did to pass! - page 2

First time I took nclex it was 3 months after our graduation..I used Silvestri5E program and answered all the questions in each category. I was so nervous that day and was so pressured by the... Read More

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    nope I did not do any feuer questions, I just listened to the audio.

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    Quote from m.candi7
    hi, i failed the test twice. i feel so discouraged i don't know what to do or where to start. all my friends have there liscence and im the only one who doesnt. they all passed first try so you can imagine how bad i feel. the first time i took my test i answered 170 questions, the second time 85. i thought i did better the second time from all the studying, i was so sure i did but now i totaly feel like picking another carreer. i want to try once more but i really dont know were to start because im not a good organizer when it comes to studying. maybe you can give me some tips or anyone else for that matter

    I'm sorry to hear that. I felt the same before, knowing everyone got their license and passed the first try. really made me feel bad for a long time..glad I got over it. Take a break first, clear out your mind so you will be ready for a fresh start. have you tried NCLEX 4000? there's about 4000+ questions. Let me know if you haven't done it yet, and I will tell you what I did to study using nclex 4000. Also when you get the report on your exam, any topic that says below or near passing standard focus more on that.
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    I'm far from taking the NCLEX but I would definitely like to know what you did to prepare!!!! So this way, I'll know what I should do ahead of time!!!

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