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i graduated year 2007 and passed our local board that same year....enjoyed my hospital work and didnt bother to take any other exam... until i decided for nclex this 2013... i passed on my 1st try on... Read More

  1. by   polomarco
    Thanks for such a great help! God bless you!
  2. by   plumae
    polomarco... youre welcome!!!!.. :-) u made it on ur local board and i know u can with nclex!!! goodluck and much more blessings..:-)
  3. by   kimikins
    I took mine Wednesday January 2nd, found a license # for me on BON website on Jan 4th, received my license in today's mail! I live in NY
  4. by   keepmovingrn
    Quote from mbuttar
    Thanks a lot !!
    I agree
  5. by   Dubs2012
    Quote from plumae
    i graduated year 2007 and passed our local board that same year....enjoyed my hospital work and didnt bother to take any other exam... until i decided for nclex this 2013... i passed on my 1st try on jan 3...thru self review for a month... i was very surprised because i answered 221 questions with around 50 plus of SATA... didnt expect to pass.... :-)... since its a total self review i used six books the lipincott's Q & A tenth edition, Mosby's 20th edition, Kaplan 2012-2013, Exam-Cram 3 books ( my old books)... studied for 6-8 hours per day... just purely reading and practicing on questions... i answered 150-300 questions per day then i stopped my review by dec. 15, 2012 which is about a month after i started my it... my advice is that just study as much as you want... until u will feel fed up with all the questions... and then wait for ur exam date... dont bombard yourself too much of it coz you will not wind up retaining all the information... dont memomorize just do scanning and familiarize each topic... as long as you have the basic information... it will serve as the basis on analyzing each question... nclex will gauge your critical thinking skills... and most of all pray.... :-)
    The SATA questions would you feel they were straight forward?? That's my weak spot and I am just freaking out over here from I take my exam on Tuesday!
  6. by   plumae
    halo dubs2012... most of the SATA questions @ the beginning of the exam are less complicated involving basic procedures.... it will then gradually evolve into an analytical type as the number of exam question progresses.... goodluck!!! i know u can do it!!!
  7. by   abkd
    hi there! ill take my exams this coming feb..good luck to us...!
  8. by   plumae
    gudluck abkd!!!
  9. by   MAYANG1001
    hi what site did u visited for 3500 nclex questions for free?? THANKS FOR THE REQOURCES
  10. by   NAM123
    Hi everyone..

    I am going to take my NCLEX in two weeks. I am really nervous. I am doing Kaplan and they said if you make 60% or higher on your practice test then you are good to go. however, my scores are in 50's....I dont know what to do to increase my percentage..anyone...pleaseeeeee help!!!
  11. by   katiejodid1
    What were most of your questions on?? infections control did you have any examples of like put this in order if so like what?
  12. by   Pakundo
    Hi guys, i promised myself to come back here when i passed bec all advice i got here are helpful. I took the nclex exam last 12th of November. I passed also thru self-review. I finished 1.5 hrs with 75Q. I have 28 SATA(i started counting after Q15). I have to mention this, that all nursing and dxc provedures are very important. I got PAWP,CVP monitoring, ERCP, Cystectomy to name some. You may also want to focus on gastrointestinal and cardiovascular procedures. The Pearsonvue Trick works guys. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I used the following books: Saunders Comprehensive, 6th Edition and PDA by Linda LaCharity, i finished these two and im sure it's good enough. I read the books and answered drills for Three months from 8am to 4pm, 2hrs break included. Dont forget to sleep for 8hrs every night and stay awake in the morning. I went to Mass everyday, and made sure to eat enough to keep me going. There's really no elevator to success, i took the stairs. And well, it pays off to do your best and keep the faith ๐Ÿ˜Š