nclex-rn passed thru self review - page 3

i graduated year 2007 and passed our local board that same year....enjoyed my hospital work and didnt bother to take any other exam... until i decided for nclex this 2013... i passed on my 1st try on... Read More

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    gudluck abkd!!!

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    hi what site did u visited for 3500 nclex questions for free?? THANKS FOR THE REQOURCES
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    Hi everyone..

    I am going to take my NCLEX in two weeks. I am really nervous. I am doing Kaplan and they said if you make 60% or higher on your practice test then you are good to go. however, my scores are in 50's....I dont know what to do to increase my percentage..anyone...pleaseeeeee help!!!
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    What were most of your questions on?? infections control did you have any examples of like put this in order if so like what?

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