NCLEX-RN 265q, 5.5h, results on hold, problem with testing center

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN 7/31/13. 265 questions, 5.5 hours, tried the PVT and got the message results on hold. I swear 1/3 of my test was SATA, my last 5 questions seemed pretty easy. Read in Kaplan if last question is below level of passing you failed. My last question was easy and I knew it so makes me think it was easy.
    I know they say wait 48hours which has now long passed. My issue now besides the anxiety of waiting like everyone else in this situation was that there was an incident report filed not because of me but because in the back of the building there was a lovely worker who decided to start hammering something. While hoping that he would stop it did not. for 2 hours i had to hear this guy pounding something. The person who worked there did eventually find the person and it stopped but again this was after 2 hours and frankly he didn't fully stop as he was near the end of whatever he was working on. Like hearing my heart beat wasn't bad enough. I did have the ear plugs in and the headphones on but still able to hear him.
    2nd issue was raised my hand to take a break, waiting while the moderator came over and went to place my test on hold while waiting she accidentally clicked the stop test button which of course stopped my test. While I waited totally freaked out by this she assured me that it was fine. She restarted my test and luckily I did see that it picked up where I left off. I didn't think anything of it of course because it was nothing to do with me.
    So I feel like now that my results are on hold, they have 5.5 hours to review which is forever to review everything, I feel like the issues described above are causing me undo anxiety and beginning to feel more and more discouraged.
    I just read that testing issues should be report immediately, I did not do that because frankly after that long logging onto the computer was the last thing on my mind. It is now Saturday and of course they are not open on the weekends. Can I still report my issues? Does this mean that they will not review over the weekend? This is the worst weekend of my life sitting here in limbo.
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  3. by   Judyduckett
    My results are on hold too....not sure why.

    So did u pass??