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  1. I recently did America Healthways Education Center in Cerritos. The instructor was good and very knowledgeable but I felt a lot of topics were skimmed over and left out entirely (i.e. dosage calculations.) The review lacked nursing interventions in conjunction with the lecture as well. It's a 7 day program and I learned a lot as far as the topics that were covered (mostly content) but there is a few new students and majority extended program students so the instructor would often say "Well, we can go over that in our tutorial session" which only pertains to the people that paid the extra 475 to attend. It kind of made me feel like i wasnt entitled to the lecture or what he would go over with them unless i decided to cough up the dough.I saved up all the money I could to pay the 495 to begin with there was no possible way I could have came up with anymore money to do the extended program.

    Would I recommend this review to a friend? Probably not. America Healthways Education Center is only beneficial if you do the extended program (which grants you up to 8 months of lectures and tutorials for the extra 475 that can be broken up in payments). So, if you have $1000.00 and a lot of time to go to his tutorial classes then this might be for you but, before you sign up for this review read all the other reviews on the site about America Healthways Education Center and find out if the writer was a 7 day review student or an extended program student because that factor definitely plays a BIG ROLE in what type of experience you will have with America Healthways Education Center.
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    Here is the website International NCLEX Students - NCLEX-RN LVN LPN Review Classes with America Healthways Education - Class Schedule see for yourself if it's something that works for you.
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    july 3, 2012 by weenter4

    i am an old grad back in '96 and i can't pass my rn board exam due to lot of factors. i'm a single mom with 2 kids. struggle is my bestfriend. my co worker told me that there's a good review center in cerritos which is america healthways educ center where his some of his friends reviewed and passed the exam. i checked and i enrolled. i attended 7-day review course and bec i'm an old grad i decided to enroll on their extended program with a payment plan that served as my refresher course. this prof is so nice, patient and knowledgable to explain the lectures to connect you to high critical thinking skills to make you use it in the nclex exam. i focused on his lectures and followed his coaching. i remember those students who passed their exams after 7 days of review and how happy they were thanking this prof for their success. well i'm sharing this experience to all of you bec i have a "pop up" when i checked. hopefully this means pass. well let's see after 3 days.
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    Congrats to you!! weenter!! i am in the same BOAT like you ! i graduated 15 years ago!!

    Back home! and i am now struggling to PASS my NCLEX -RN exam for the 3rd time!!

    HOW i Wish the REVIEW you attend had here in NY area,BUT i already inquire, only in LA area,
    i am willing to sit DOWN for REFRESHER COURSE!!.. i Like IT because ITS 7 DAYS class..

    what ELSE DO YOU USE FOR YOU TO pass? IS that IT? thanks AND goodluck!!
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    thnks FOR THIS info! but ITS sad! I NEED TO fly IN La TO attend THE class..DONT KNOW IF I COULD DO IT!!DONT WORRY THE dosage cALCULATIONS,,ITS NOT THAT MUCH hard, MY worry IS I NEED A STRONG AND good foundation,bEC I 'VE BEEN OUT OF SCHOOL 15 YRS AGO!...
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    why are you sad in flying here to LA this will be your trip to success. You should start studying now and every single day. Don't waste your extra hour for "idle moments".
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    wherever review center you attend if you don't focus in studying you won't make it. Just read every single day.
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    weenter! coz! i cant afford it right now, i stop working since i start my review,, i already have so much many money i spend from my previous review,,you know what i mean..!! and i have to pay my the same time and HERE in NY everything is so expensive..!! hope you understand!!
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    Quote from weenter4
    wherever review center you attend if you don't focus in studying you won't make it. Just read every single day.
    I do really want that REVIEW!! why NOT......
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    good luck on your journey to success.