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    Our Professional Development teacher arranged for us to be able to take ATI's NCLEX predictor test. 180 questions and then it tells you what your percentage chance is to pass the NCLEX the first time based on your score.

    I actually did really well. It definitely boosted my confidence though I will still be studying my butt of from now until Dec

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    we got that also. my prediction was great and i believe it will happen. i test for the rn nclex next week. good luck
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    Good Luck to you as well!
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    is it possible to purchase this predictor test online? I would like to take the test.
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    I'll highly recommend Mosby Comprehensive, Prioritization, delegation and assignment by LaCharity and NCLEX 4000, because the NCLEX exam mimic the the question. Be well prepared for the test!! Also know your content 100% for SATA purpose.
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    Nursing Bro....I think you can purchase it Online but I'm not positive. it was through we use their modules to go over basic nursing assessment and things like Catheter insertion ect.

    NCLEXEATER: Love the Lacharity book I also have the Kaplan, Saunders, and the LWW "NCLEX mad incredibly easy"
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    i would like to take that atitesting too! how much did you pay for it? goodluck on your exam this december.. i am planning to take it this december too.. but i am really undisciplined in studying by myself though. i really need to be in a class for me to study especially i graduated several years back. (2009) i bought all the things i need to review. i even tried taking online reviews but after reading 1 or 2 topics, i lose interest. >_< i dont know. :/ Goodluck on yalls exam!
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    I don't know how much it cost...our teacher arranged for the school to cover it.
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    We used ATI through our whole program...Great resource....We had to take the predictor twice ....i got the same grade both times....SHowed i had an awesome chance of passing NCLEX-PN....I will let you all know in the next few days if it is accurate...I am testing tomorrow!!
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    Good Luck!!! I am sure you will do AWESOME!!!

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