NCLEX PN tomm at 10:30 am!! OMG!!! i hope i can sleep tonight - page 4

yep! u read it! its finally here and im feeling sooo anxious inside. again, from my previous posts, ive been out of school for a year now. My dumb mistake!! I was burnt out, my fiance and i bought a house, and i enjoyed the... Read More

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    im not sure when we can start.. im gonna pay my unofficial results like tuesday, and then update my resume, and start going to town.. we will get our official results in 2 weeks or so.. i thought i read somewhere that we have to pay like 150 bucks for our license??

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    im graduated
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    Yup! I was surprised too. Mines stopped at 85 questions. We all passed 😃
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    You have to wait for the official results in the mail. Which takes about 3 weeks then send $150. For the license which takes another 2-3 weeks & I took my check write to Sacrament. They told me 2-3 weeks for processing before I see my permanent # in the BVNPT site. They only gave me a temp # to look for a job not a hard copy permanent license number!!!!
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    congrats to u also. So amazing!!! ya i never knew we had to pay soo much for our license. Im like geez, the money spent JUST to test not to mention study supplies.. oh well! it will pay back 10 fold. congrats to everyone....
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    @slc05, I have tried replying to your messages but don't know if it is getting through or not. But my email is If you would be so kind as to email that review to me.
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    Quote from slc05
    i will pray for u also...go over that study guide thats floating around here and do all of saunders practice questions and for meds, know the endings with side effects
    What study guide ?
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    sorry shaybrown! just got your message and sent the email w the study guide attached
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    Thanks! Printer ran out of ink while I was trying to print it!!! Thank goodness kindles are PDF compatible! It's a different review than what I had found on the site!
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    Congrats! hey im taking the test in january would you kindly send me the study guide please? My email is It would be greatly appreciated.

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