1. Hello everybody! Im scheduled to take my NCLEX next month. I was just wondering if anybody could give me and tips?

    Are there any A&P questions? I've heard there is a lot of prioritizing.

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  3. by   NurseGuyBri
    My #1 questions is are you participating in a preparation class? Many schools use Kaplan or other NCLEX prep classes. If not, scrounge up about $50 and go to your local bookstore and buy a prep CD with questions on it. Saunders, Lippincott, and many others have great prep books with CD's that give you Nclex style questions. In my opinion, this is the second best way to prepare, only second to an actual class such as Kaplan. You need to get in the habit of answering questions in the style of Nclex which is NOT like any other test. You will definitely prioritize, determine what patient needs to be seen first, and how to react in an urgent situation. I hope this helps!
  4. by   BSB1
    The corse I took offers a couple review classes that I unfortunately have not been able to attend due to my crazy work schedule. Thanks for the recommendations, ill definitely check that out. Were there a lot of pharm/math questions?
  5. by   RachNurse
    I remember a couple of A&P related questions (I had a couple of alternative-format inquiring where X was located), and I had a TON of med questions on NCLEX-PN, I knew NONE of the meds, and guessed at all of them (and passed). NCLEX-RN seemed easier overall, isn't that weird? Or, I guess there's always the possibility I've actually learned a lot more (which is probably closer to the truth.....wait until you get to High Acuity/Critical Nursing/Med-Surg III, OMG.....). I had less prioritizing (although there were a few), and more SATA's on the NLCEX-PN (I believe I had at least 20 SATA's, computer shut off at 85).

    Anyway.....good luck, sounds like you will be well-prepared if you are beginning to study a month in advance.
  6. by   BSB1
    Yes. Hopefully I'm prepared lol. I'm hoping its not as hard as everyone makes it seem!