1. Hello, I just came out of my exam. I got all 205 questions. I feel so terrible that I didn't passed. How long should I wait to do the pop up trick? I just came home and went on right away. I got a pop up saying "Candidate currently has test results that are on hold, unable to register at this time". I feel I did it way too early. I am so nervous and broke down crying. Any positive thoughts?
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  3. by   NursingBro
    I hope you did ok and I hope you passed!

    Did you get a lot of pharm and select all that apply or what did u get most?
  4. by   sillyaaQ
    Thank you !!! I am so nervous. I never heard of anyone who had all the questions pass. I had a lot of priority questions, what would you do first ..and I had a lot of SATA ...variety of meds too ..5 dosages
  5. by   NursingBro
    I hear that when u get alot of SATA it is a good thing.
  6. by   sillyaaQ
    Really??? Hmmm I am going to stay positive. Every time I go on to do the PVT I get a pop up saying on hold. As long as it doesnt take me to the Credit Card page I guess I am ok
  7. by   heras2012
    I did all 205 and passed stay positive
  8. by   sillyaaQ
    That's awesome! I found a whole bunch of people who passed on all 205. I am still waiting for my results. I did the pvt and it still says on hold. That scares me lol..its okay my grandmother gave me a wonderful speech and I feel better since
  9. by   anxioustotest
    Did the hold ever get lifted for you ?
  10. by   sgarcia8199
    Hi I took my exam Feb 21 and I did all 205 Q's. after I finish taking the exam I ran to my car and did PVT and got the good pop up.