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Took my test DEC 2011 and i failed my test.Im planning to take my test again FEB 2012.I need help!! I dont know what kind of materials/books to use.I already read SAUNDERS and EXAM CRAM And next week... Read More

  1. by   Flipgurl
    Congrats. Im doing for 3 weeks now. Im so scared cause im getting a low score each post test. Whats your score with all the post test?
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    I recently took my NCLEX PN on Jan 5th for the 3rd time. I was so nervous and thought I was totally unprepared. I had already read Exam Cram and Hurst review so i decided I would try the NSCBN the 3 weeks program and i did all the questions that I could and read the rationales for answers i got right and wrong. I found out yesterday that I passed!! I also read the 35 page study guide that is listed in this website which was very helpful with remembering the little things we tend to forget. Good luck and don't give up!!
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  2. by   Flipgurl
    I didnt do my Vati cause my uncle told me to concentrate in saunders. So i did. I read the whole book. And did the cd but still i didnt pass. Now im doing NSCBN for 3 weeks. Goodluck to us.
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    I also took my NCLEX PN in december and did not pass im retaking it in February. Im using the exam cram this time ans Saunders. I read a concept area in Exam Cram then re read it again in Saunders and answer questions for the same section on the CD that came with Saunders. Before that I review with ATI and got the green light to take the test but i guess that doesnt always mean you will pass. So this time im sticking to the books and still doing the ATI tests on the side. I hope this helps and good luck
  3. by   fxmama
    I am taking my NCLEX-PN for the first time in February...I'm totally freaking out man ! haha I was told to really focus on the Learningext for studying and I am doing exam cram questions along with questions from Saunders. I really hate the Saunders book though . Best of luck to us all!
  4. by   palladium09
    I took the nclex-pn exam last Dec. 2011, I didn't pass also. I just study using saunders, nclex-cram, lippincott. It was my 4th times when I took the exam last year. I think the ncsbn extension online review could help us to pass the nclex-pn board examination. based to all the testimony of the nclex-pn flankers who review in ncsbn online extension, well they said that the ncsbn would be a great online review because the question in pearson view much closer to the ncsbn & they passed the nclex-pn board examination. I hope god would guide us all to the right direction to achieve our goals to become licensed vocational nurse
  5. by   niisbuff
    hi edl148, i am taking my exam in february. i wanted to know where that 35 page study guide was at? i'm super nervous as well and don't know how to study!!!
  6. by   niisbuff
    hi edl148, i am taking my exam in february. i wanted to know where that 35 page study guide was at? i'm super nervous as well and don't know how to study!!!
  7. by   fxmama
    35 page study guide follow this link to the thread. I hope this helps out. There is also a link for a pharm doc too, which hopefully will help me as that area is one of my weaknesses. Good Luck!

    Failed NCLEX PN, desperately need help :(

  8. by   albaboink
    i will take my exam next month and Iam very scared ive been studying/reading alot i dont kow if that enough?

    I use saunders book and cd,
    NCSBN-PN review
    and i bought the kaplan book for test strategies tips..

    i hope someone can give me advice on how to study and what to expect on exam..
  9. by   Ashcutek
    I want to buy a kaplan qbank. I want to know if anyone have done that yet and did it help cause am debating between kaplan qbank and Which onw would u recommend and which one is better? plz help.
  10. by   Fina11yKym
    I have the QBANK and I HIGHLY recommend getting it. It gives you a book that is full of GREAT information, as well as the flexibility to take your tests as either focused review, nclex pn readiness or something else. I can't remember. Feel free to message me- I just got off work so I'm pretty exhaused I will try to post back on this tomorrow with better info. Kaplan is great though- I would def look into buying it =)