NCLEX Pearson Vue "Trick"

  1. Took my NCLEX-PN test on Friday. Was the hardest test of my life!! The questions just kept getting harder and harder and then, after my 85th question, it shut off on me. (took me 2.5 hours just to answer those 85 questions by the way.) Anyways, When I got to the car, I called my guy friend who was in the program with me. I was crying and told him I thought I failed bc it was so hard and I felt like I guessed soso much. So he told me about the "Pearson vue trick" to see if I passed. He said everyone he's talked to from the program did it and it worked for them... I honestly didnt believe this was true at all but he told me to just go home and try it and if I had doubts to get online and google it. So I did and I couldn't find one person with whom it didn't work for > and I did a ton of searching to try and prove it wrong. Found numerous accounts of passing but I couldn't find a lot of people who admitted to getting the CC page and failing; but I didnt find one person who got the error message and failed...Then I thought okay, well with my luck, I'll be the first...and I was preparing to make pages all over the net to say what a hoax the trick is haha....Anyways, I got the error message after my test, which is a believed pass. & Saturday, when I could purchase my quick results, sure enough it was a pass; and by Monday the official pass came through... Long story short > I promised myself I would post something online for others who were skeptics like myself. Still don't know if it's true or If it was just some random unrelated issue; but hey, it helped calm my nerves & I did end up passing. so whatever works, right?!
  2. Poll: Did the Pearson vue trick work for you?

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      53.49% 46
    • no

      4.65% 4
    • havent taken boards yet

      15.12% 13
    • already took them and didnt know about the trick

      2.33% 2
    • heard it worked for someone i know

      26.74% 23
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  4. by   frankie,RN
    i hope the pvt works for me this month, but today is your day. celebrate. congratulations.
  5. by   ashley7rose
    what exactly did your pop up message say indicating the pass?! Was it "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." ?????
  6. by   D51/2NS
    If you get the pop-up that ashley just mentioned, then you should totally free yourself from worry and fear. Pearson Vue's system will not let you reregister for a test that you have already PASSed.
  7. by   emilly90
    PVT worked for me. Got the "good" pop-up and my results were a "pass" on the MBON website within 24 hours
  8. by   frankie,RN
  9. by   emilly90
  10. by   cheyzer
    hi, i just took my nclex rn today march 23, 2012, i tried to re-register when i got home i think 2 hours ago..and i got the good pop- up because it won't let me through to the credit card page. the thing here. pearson vue announces: this website is scheduled to undergo routine maintenance on saturday, 24 march from 5:00–11:00 p.m. ct. during this time, you may not be able to schedule, reschedule or cancel test appointments. we apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. i hope the pvt still works with these circumstances... i'm not comfortable yet...
  11. by   joycewejlah
    I am still skeptical abt this pvt, but i got the 'good pop up' waiting till Saturday to know for sure.
  12. by   kitkatelove
    Hello Everyone!

    Im a newbie here, like posting comments and all. But im a fan of all nurses forums. It boost and sunk my confidence at the same time!. LOL! Anyways, i took my NCLEX exam this morning October 08,2013, At 8am and seated at number 8 seat! Does that mean anything?? hope so.. The computer shut down to 130 and something... i really cant recall what exact number it was. Tried the PVT today and here's what i got. ==> Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time... Ohh Dear Lord, please dont let me be the first to break the accuracy of PVT. hahahhha! Yes im Skeptical too! but more of being hopeful. Waiting 32 more hours for the result!.. Goodluck everyone!