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Hey! I took my NCLEX-RN this afternoon at 2pm.. I took 115 questions and when it cut off I was terrified and devastated. I heard about the "trick" on Pearson Vue and decided to try i when I got home.. Tried to re-register and... Read More

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    The best thing that I used out of all the years of trying was HURST. I spent $300.00 for the online version and because I had been out of school for a while, it was the best money I have ever spent. Other than that the other books that were a must for me were the following:

    Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment (Linda A. LaChrity) *A MUST have for understanding priority questions chapter 1-18!

    Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION (Linda Anne Silvestri) *Excellent for content review

    Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2011 (Barbara J. Irwin) *Great for testing strategies and questions.

    Best wishes!!!!!!

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    everyone that used Hurst seemed to really like it! I didn't want to spend the extra cash, but if you have the cash I suggest also getting it just d/t my friends stating how much they liked it! I think it boost confidence
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    been still going crazy here! i'm still getting the same pop up on pearson. texas does quick results but it has to be 48 business hours and I took the test yesterday so I doubt I will get my result for sure until monday. torture!
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    ... still waiting...

    tomorrow marks the "48 hours" since I took NCLEX.. I heard that sometimes stuff is posted on a saturday..

    I hope so.. I'm so scared. A friend of mine is the assistant to the Dean at a nursing school here in my state and she said that she has known about the "trick" for about 3 years and has used it for many students and it has been right EVERY SINGLE TIME. She said she has had students that went to the CC page.. and they failed.. every student that couldn't re-register, PASSED. I also heard from two of my friends that they have heard it is legit.

    i sure hope so..

    would love to have R.N., B. S. N. behind my name soon!
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    My friend took the NCLEX on a Thursday and found out Saturday morning...despite Pearson saying results would take two buisness days. I'm still waiting as well...this is painful! I REALLY hope this "Trick" works and I passed! Good luck everyone awaiting results!
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    My friends/classmates found out last sat and the previous sat I am hoping I will find out sat as well. When I ended my test the tec lady was like you might get your results sat so check the site. Also, heard from many the trick works but obviously it will be very nice to see that it really does!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow morning.
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    My friends that took it last Thursday found out on Saturday too. I really hope mine shows up as well. Good luck to you all that are also waiting
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    I cant stand this waiting....I need sleep!
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    I took it Wednesday afternoon and found out Friday afternoon. I have a friend as well that took it Thursday and found out Saturday, so it's possible. Also, the pearson vue trick is mostly accurate but not 100% fool proof. I spoke with the TN BON Thursday and they said that there had been several people call in because they got the credit card page and paid the $200 to re-register and then later found out they passed. All that trying the Pearson Vue trick did for me is increase my anxiety because it kept telling me I was on hold so I thought that my results would be in review purgatory for several more days, but I got them right on time at about 50 hours after testing
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    Just want to let everyone know that I checked the BON website this morning...

    and there was my name!!! Pearson vue trick worked for me!

    I officially have RN, BSN behind my name!!!!!

    Happy Dance~ Thank you JESUS!

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