NCLEX Passers, can you pass Nclex with 99 questions?

  1. S/O to all the NCLEX passers around the world.. I took the exam today for the second time. My first time, the computer shut off at 165, I failed. Then I took it again today and it shut off at 99. For the first time, I was hoping I could get pass through 75, but when I failed and received the CPR (mail about your weaknesses) it says there that when you get pass through 75 it's either you are near the passing standard or below. So today, I was hoping my computer would shut off at 75 but it didn't. I was sure of my answers, and there were a lot of select all that apply, med computations, and pictures. I'm glad I studied about the computations and I'm sure I got the right answers to it. I'm not actually worried but I just want to ask if anyone of you here have the same experience of answering 99 questions and passed? Thank youuuu!
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    The number in which you stopped at does not indicate if you passed or failed. Try the trick to see.