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  1. Hi everyone! I have been on such a journey as all of you have been. Today I took my nclex.. 2/11/13. My computer shut down at 92 questions..I sat there for a good minute in disbelief..that is it? It is OVER? I took my LPN boards 2 years ago..shut down at 85. For some reason I couldn't remember the exam being as stressful to prepare as this one was. I did the PVT trick and got this so called "good pop up"..I hope it works..if not I still want to tell everyone/anyone how I studied

    Lacharity~ PRIORITY... who do you see first? This is so important...high level questions are priority! FINISH THIS BOOK! There is NO WAY to tell how nclex will test..if you understand priority...(who is the MOST unstable- not the person that just came back from surgery, not the pt getting discharged, not a person complaining about mild pain- NO! The person with a REAL problem ie., fever, unstable labs, etc.)

    Kaplan~ NOT WORTH IT! The exam is content content and more content. Kaplan is so twisted with the questions..I finished the Kaplan course and it was nothing like the exam. Nclex was very direct..(except the select all that apply) If you need content, and never heard of this program READY TO PASS, it is amazing! I live in NY I'm not sure if it's available anywhere else..It is straight content..if anyone wants any info private message me!

    SO basically just the priority book, and CONTENT. I had no math, about 20 SATA, 3 drag drop..please if you have seen this before PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at your infection control..again if you want any info on this private message me!

    I want you all to know that I was not an "A" student. I got mostly B's..I struggled through the LPN program. The RN program was better but to be honest, I had to study A LOT to pull my B grades. My scores on Kaplan were all in the 50's (again, questions were NOT like nclex) -- Some people swear by this program. If you want to just practice questions it's ok..Lippincott I feel is much more like nclex. I would google for WEEKS to look for what was similar to nclex. Please don't waste your time on something that will not help you. Yes nclex is random but if you don't know the content you can't answer the question.

    I still don't have my official results..I hope the pop up works! Any questions don't hesitate to ask. It's still fresh in my mind!
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    Thanks so much for the advice! I go tomorrow. If you are willing to give any additional advice I'd love it! Email Or PM me. THANKS!
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    Thanks so much for your infor..I do mine this friday. Pls if u are willing to give any additional advice Email me
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    Jenmarie~ for your last minute studying the only thing I would focus on is knowing what I wrote about priority (don't see someone just because they have poor insulin control) what about the pt that is tachycardic or febrile? Yes a pt was diagnosed with an MI four days ago..but what about the client that is RESTLESS..remember RESTLESS = POOR OXYGENATION!

    Please look at ALL of the infection control :


    DRoplet, contact..etc...

    If you have been doing questions STOP tonight! Don't read ANY blog about how someone failed..YOU MADE IT THROUGH NURSING SCHOOL..YOU CAN DO THIS!

    be positive...know that failure is NOT an option...even if you don't get a good rest tonight and you're awake, REST YOUR BRAIN..doing questions tonight will not help you tomorrow..just look over the basic stuff..I wish you all the best!!

    Keep me posted!
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    Whoa congrats!
    I would love to have an additional advice from you.
    Please message me your email address so I can contact you.
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    Hi everyone! I just realized since I am new to the site I will not be able to get private PMS..I do want to say that anyone that needs the POSITIVE reinforcement of NCLEX..the WE CAN DO THIS..not the I failed 4 x's..I can't pass this..I will never be a nurse nonsense...YES YOU WILL..we ALL will..FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT TO BE! I will never be an A student..but I sure as hell will be a good R.N.! When I was in nursing school, I tried to help anyone that I could..I made booklets of notes, study groups, etc. I will not turn my back now on anyone whether I pass or fail...I truly know the people that want this bad enough will never give up..
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    Could you tell us your study plan? Like how many hours per day, or how many questions did you do per day and for how long?
    THank You
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    congrats!!!...can u PM me about infection control please and about to take take the exam next month and still having a hard time answering email and God bless...
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    Hi Kingkill,

    I got my ATT on Jan 10th..I signed up that day for my exam so I knew I had a month. Every morning I would do one chapter from the Lacharity Priority book. Even though it's not on the computer, get yourself into the routine of doing any and every type of question..whether by book or online.

    Then I would do Lippincott 3500 I used this FREE link: Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version I did approx 100-150 questions per day. I would write down each day how many questions I did from Jan 10th to Feb 9th ( I stopped doing questions two days before the exam) My goal was to reach approx 3200 questions. I reached just about this number.

    I feel bad saying this to people that believe in Kaplan, (which I did sign up for the review course) - I finished the program however I felt it was absolutely NOTHING like NCLEX. So mixed with lippincott and Kaplan I did my 150 questions per day..reading EVERY rationale..even the questions I had correct.

    Then in the evening when my daughter went to bed I did the content..CONTENT is BIG..The Lippincott will help you on the SATA questions. You will never be able to study everything..just get a good understanding on the major diseases..CUSHINGS, ADDISONS, HYPERTHYROIDISM, HYPO, I used NCSBN for help on this. I paid 100.00 for four weeks. It is VERY wordy and a lot of it you don't have to read..but it breaks everything down to SYSTEMS..I was weak with RESPIRATORY..they had a great section on this. I also have a book from READY TO PASS that I utilized for my LPN program. THe info was all the same so I read a few pages a night on this.

    I also made a list from NCSBN of all the meds that were common. I tried to group everything as one.. not just the ACE's PRIL's CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERs..i knew I didnt have all day to study meds..just understand that these meds all work the same think if you have a HTN will VASODILATE which in turn will SLOW the heart rate..bradycardia, hypotension...meds will give you the adverse SE of what it is trying to accomplish..

    if you see something you don't know/understand..GOOGLE it! GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND FOR NCLEX!

    I hope this helps!
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    Pls can you email me I want to ask you a private question, if you dont mind,, just put NCLEX in the box
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    Congratz! Pls email me I already failed 3 times. I am from the philippines. Don't know what to do. I did kaplan, saunders before.