NCLEX in one week...

  1. and I'm scared to death! I graduated in December and have been studying like crazy. I couldn't afford the Kaplan course, so I've been looking through Saunders Comprehensive, the NCSBN 3 week review course, and doing practice questions from the ATI mobile mentor app on my phone, as well as the Saunders book, and the Lippincott Q&A Review book.

    It seems like no matter how many questions I do, how much content I review, my scores stay pretty much the same... 65-71% (One section I got a 56% on). I know not all reviews are necessarily created equal, but I have heard from friends who took Kaplan that 60% and up is a good score and probability of passing is high. Does anyone have any insight about this?

    So far everyone in my cohort who has taken it has passed, and I got a 97% probability of passing NCLEX on my ATI predictor. I just don't know what else to do to bump up my scores and the date is coming fast! Any advice would be most welcome!