NCLEX in 18 days!!!

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am taking the NCLEX for the 1st time in 18 days and am looking for any advice on making sure I am preparing myself appropriately.

    I took the Kaplan review course after I graduated. I got a 67.3% on the readiness exam. I got a 925 on the HESI exit exam.

    I am currently doing Qbank questions everyday and remediating the questions. I have done Q trainers 1-4 and wil do 5-7, one a week until exam date.

    My qbank ranges from 58%-66%, mainly 60% or higher. I also am reviewing areas I feel weak in using my Saunders book. And doing NCLEX online questions using saunders cd.

    Can anyone offer me any advice?? Areas I may want to look into??
    Thank you!!
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  3. by   mfierce i posted what i used to study on this thread. most important are saunders cd and ati questions --key things to remember for the test 1. safest choice 2. priority (test wants to know what you will do before you notify the doctor) 3. know standard precautions, contact, yada ya - good luck
  4. by   mfierce
    also important things- best answers are: always turning the patient first, checking for kinks, know your bed positions, open ended questions
  5. by   taydian
    The nclex is so random, no amount of advice is going to help you because everyone has a different experience with it. People stressed me out about calculations.....although, I kid you not, about 40 of my 77 questions were "select all that apply". We can't tell you what to focus on. The way they designed that test is so flipping complicated.

    All I did was practice nclex test questions. Familiarized myself with how they worded the questions. My instructor told me: "You don't need to know a lick about nursing if you can figure out how to take the test"

    The test really isn't about knowledge. There are so many hidden clues in the questions and answers. We are always just so damn hyped up and nervous we forget to look for them.
  6. by   jwils
    thank you for the advice! ill keep focusing on questions!
  7. by   patel.748
    Keep doing questions everyday. 100 daily is the minimum.

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