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  1. I graduated May 10th, received my ATT May 22, tested today (June 18). I started around 7:45ish and finished within an hour and 75 questions. I tried the Pearson Vue Trick as soon as I got in the vehicle in the parking lot and received the "good" pop-up. I went home and napped and around 2:00 pm today, the Louisiana State Board of Nursing posted my RN license!

    My experience (call it advice if you want; I'm just a girl who passed a test. lol):

    It's a test. No one is going to catch on fire if you don't do 15,000 questions before the day of the test. It's a computer that asks questions and anyone who graduated nursing school should NOT be intimidated about it.

    Do what works for YOU. If you have to practice 3500 questions before the test, do them! If you don't need to study at all, don't! I did no review course because I know my attention span is not cut out for that. I did maybe 200 questions from LaCharity and Saunders in all, and that's it. I bought at least 5 NCLEX books and only ended up using two.

    Whatever worked for you in nursing school will probably work for the NCLEX. Do some refreshing, of course, but don't beat yourself up over this test. It's a basic competency test so know your lab values, major medications, contact precautions, and fundamental skills.

    You've passed 50+ tests in nursing school; what's one more?

    If I can do it, anyone can do it! Be confident and BREATHE! You can do it!

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