NCLEX: April 2013, Raising Passing Standard? - page 3

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    Congrats, took mine same day and passed too. The questions were worded unlike any of the study books gave me. Also, for them saying there should be less meds, it sure seemed as there were more than what others I know who took the previous NCLEX had. Congrats again, now for the great adventure of job hunting. Best of luck to all new grads
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    How did you study?
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    What is the management care about? Are they priority questions?
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    Quote from Love33314
    What is the management care about? Are they priority questions?

    Management of care = delegation.
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    Quote from Mac7421

    Management of care = delegation.
    That's how I understood it anyways.
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    Quote from giane
    Took the NCLEX-RN April 1, 2013 first time, i did 2 weeks of cramming. if it were up to me i wish i had more time and effort to have studied. I have to say, there is no way you can memorize so much for the exam. Most importantly You must know the concepts, principles, drug calg.+ formulas, strategies. There were more med. questions than i expected. The type of questions were to test one's critical thinking skills, application and analysis of concepts...anyway, i passed.thankfully. My advice, take time to study on management of care, medications. Best of luck to all!!
    P.s. changes to the exam is only for the nclex RN
    Did you get Dobutamine / Dopamine computations in your exam?
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    Hi Giaane I'm here at this site just wanted ask what materials did you use to review for the nclex?

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