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    Anyone know how long it takes for bvnpt to receive your application an reply so that u can schedule a testing date? Is there a link to check your status?

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    In Louisiana it took me 4 days to receive my ATT after sending in application. In Louisiana we don't have a check status option
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    With all the budget cuts everything is slow here in CA. I just wish there was a status link just to know when they receive it. Thnks
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    For BRN, It takes 4-6 weeks to get ATT here in CA after submitting application, and that's if you don't have a criminal background or a long history of driving tickets....
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    Thnx a bunch!
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    I'm also in California I called yesterday about the same thing they told me that they were behind to call back in two weeks I sent mine in the middle of March :-)
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    I send mine on 25 March and haven't receive it yet from California 3 wks now they told me it was going to take longer cause they wer behind to wait about 4 to 8 wks the most so I'm just taking that time to study more.
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    I emailed them to check, they have no link for us. If we want to check on status just email as well, they respond pretty fast.
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    I wrote to them and yes they are behind, this is what they said, "Cashier is working on application fees received on 3/5/13. Then the evaluators are working on evaluating school applications received on 1/28/13."
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    Im also in CA, I send my papers in January, and still waiting,,,, i call them they said, that they short on staff that why its taking longer...

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