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Hey! I took my NCLEX-RN this afternoon at 2pm.. I took 115 questions and when it cut off I was terrified and devastated. I heard about the "trick" on Pearson Vue and decided to try i when I got... Read More

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    Just want to let everyone know that I checked the BON website this morning...

    and there was my name!!! Pearson vue trick worked for me!

    I officially have RN, BSN behind my name!!!!!

    Happy Dance~ Thank you JESUS!

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    PVT worked for me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ok just checked Pearson Vue quick results and I am officially an RN!!!!!!! The PVT works!!!!! I had failed a few times before, always got the CC section except for this time and I thought 100% that I failed when I left the testing center, waterworks and all. 2yrs 8 months post graduation, 3 tests later, $2,000.00 in fees, to say I am an RN... PRICELESS

    For everone else that got the same "old" good popup and is still awaiting your results... YOU PASSED!!!!! I know you won't be able to celebrate until you see it for yourself but congratulations in advance!!! xoxo
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    That is sooooooooooooo great!!!!!!! So happy for us!!!
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    Congratulations guys!! I am still waiting for my results, I'm going crazy. I took my test Thurs @ 10:30a...tic tic tic
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    I just checked my quick results, took mine on Thursday so I was nervous they wouldn't be available...

    and I AM OFFICIALLY AN LVN!!!! The Pearson Vue trick worked for me! I am so happy. I also got a job on Friday and now I feel like I can truly celebrate!!!
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    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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    congrats everyone.. and thanks for the name of the books....
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    Just looked up my Quick Results....PVT works again....I'm an RN!!!! By the way, I thought the online test prep and bank from was very helpful. It is put on by NCSBN, the ones that put on the state board exams. You can get access to their question bank for 3 weeks for $50. It was by far the most helpful thing I did and the questions are very similar in style. A lot of practice questions on Priority, Select all that apply, and various other formats. Good luck!
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    I want to say that I believe in the trick. I got home and tried this a couple of hours after taking my NCLEX RN and I tried it every day after.

    I got the "good" pop up stating that I had already scheduled this exam and to contact my state board of nursing....

    I just got my quick results in about 40 minutes ago.

    I HAVE PASSED!! I am now an RN

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    Congrats everyone! This isn't a trick anymore, its the TRUTH!
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