N-clex First time tester! Remember Maslow Hierarchy of Needs....

  1. Just remember Maslow Hierarchy of needs. Physiological needs is the highest priority then safety! 1. Maintaining airway and respiration 2. maintaining circulation 3. nutrition/elimination 4. sleep. If its a safety question focus on a safety answer. If it's a communication question focus on the clients feeling in the answers by remembering the communications tools for example: being silent and offering self. If it's a teaching question you always want to focus on the answer that focuses on client readiness to learn. Also remember you always assess prior to initiating or implementing.

    I took my Nclex RN on Friday. I thought it was hard! I just wanted to say that in mine nursing program we were required to do ATI assessment test. That help me out a lot. I continued to do those online assessment exams after I graduated to prepare for the nclex. It had wonderful tutorials that helped break down the alternate format questions! I will say to all of you that are taking nclex for the first time to know Maslow Hierarchy of needs. Highest priority of need-1. Physiological needs come first then 2. safety. Maintaining airway and respiration, maintaining circulation, nutrition and elimination and lastly sleep. knowing maslow helped me with the priority questions and diaster planning question. (who would you see first or need to discharge first due to community emergency.) I also recieved a lot of infection control questions and SATA. I also did the PVT when I got home and got the good pop up! I'm just waiting to see when my quick results will post so I can be relieved from my anxietyAgain ATI online assessments and tutorials were excellent. I never picked up a nclex book! I studied for 2 weeks using only ATI.
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    I want to also add as a suggestion anytime you get priority questions on who you see first focus on the region of the body that is being affected in the client for example: Airway or breathing a maslow hierarchy of need. Any problem or issue affecting the head or chest you probably would see first. ( the worst headache in someone life, burns of the face or chest region affects breathing) Circulation would be lost of blood or any injury relating to that. I hope these tips help someone. If you have any question or want help with prioritizing items to study just msg me. Good luck everyone!
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    I appreciate these tips. I take the exam in two days and I'm pretty nervous!
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    Thanks for the tips, oh and congratulations!!!

    Good luck Garciwarsi!!!

    I test in 3 days! Tonight's my last time for questions, tomorrow I make cram flashcards ((precautions, labs, tractions, immunizations, etc)) and Tuesday some questions in the am and relaxing. Feeling nervous but also calm at the same time.
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    Thanks for the info!