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First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep... Read More

  1. by   BSN2biam
    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation!! Im exactly that, a visual and auditory learner. I will look more into the hurst review! Thanks again!
  2. by   rizmei
    Quote from AspiringRN2b
    It's you to figure out whether 2 month is enough for you to study or not.I would also suggest you to buy strategy book by Kaplan which will help you to understand how the exam really works and how to answer different type of questions.I have not passed the exam yet so i cannot suggest anything more than this.
    Good luck!!!
    awww thanks.. I'v been out of school for two years..totally in panic mode. this will be the first that I'll be studying alone. I'm used to a live class.
  3. by   bayou

    Kaplan did 50 questions
    Saunder chp 16 did 10 questions
    Saunder Q&A eye did 20 questions
    Read Kaplan Strategis 2012-2013
    Review Standard, Aire, Drop, Contact Precaution from Saunder content book
  4. by   lhadaway
    i guess i'm still trying to figure out my study mode. I wake up around 8 and cant find my study place yet... the library is so far the best place but it doesn't open till 10am. so yesterday i did:

    course 1 Management and Care
    Course 2 Safety and Infection Control ...... ncsbn. that took 6 hours

    I need to figure out a different schedule so I can get more accomplished between studying and working.
    Thank you bayou and AspiringRN2be for the 4,000 questions. I received them but i'm having hard time bc my mac doesn't open the file up correctly. I will figure it out. Have a great day guys!!!!
  5. by   CAdames
    I just started this site today and I currently waiting on my TTA number to arrive. I have been studying at home but I want to know how to deal with the anxiety i guess of wanting to pass the first time... I just want to start my career already!!!
  6. by   Noemi RN
    Thanks guys whos on facebook or viber?
  7. by   lhadaway

    i know how you feel. The more i start studying and doing questions the more frustrated and anxious i get. I cant sleep and i'm not very good at test taking. but i know i work better under pressure and need to believe in myself. I usually dont do well if i go in with a pessimistic attitude as cliche as it sounds. But hearing from others on this thread has been helpful for me. I feel accountable for getting things done (and i'm usually a procrastinator).
  8. by   88nursinglove88
    8/25/2012 10:00 pm
    mental health hursts video
    mental health saunders book
    mental health pearson questions 53% ( doing really poorly, this is not my best subject)
  9. by   88nursinglove88
    I dont understand why i keep getting so many questions wrong, did mental health twice on pearson , each time with 25 questions

    First time today: 60%
    Second time today:68%
  10. by   lhadaway
    NCSBN half of Lesson 3 Health Promotion and Maintenance
    Saunders Ch 23/OB assessment 10 questions... 7 out of 10 correct
    Saunders Ch 24/Prenatal assessment 15 questions...8 out of 15 correct
    Saunders CD antepartum 173 questions....117 out of 173 correct
    LaCharity Obsterics and Maternity 24 questions.... i dont even want to admit those results

    Even though i'm not proud of my scores... I'm learning that the more and more questions I do instead going over content word for word on NCSBN, the more i see the relationship between many of the questions on a specific topic. I'm frustrated but complaining wont help me. I scheduled my test date for Oct 18th.

    We all have this!
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  12. by   Nurseceline2012
    Read maternity, Peds and safe & effective care environment on Kaplan
    Kaplan: 100 OB question 75%
    PDA: renal chapt 60%
    I'm exhausted and sick as a dog :-(
  13. by   Nurseceline2012
    By the way, is there anyone in this thread that leaves in Lake Worth, FL who would love to be my study body....I'll bring the coffee :-)