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  1. For the NCLEX, do you have to show a minimum competency level in each individual topic area? Or do you have to show an overall minimum competency level on the test as a whole?

    Looking at this,, it appears as though the NCLEX grades the entire test cumulatively. However, I saw someone comment on another Allnurses thread (referencing the NCBSN website) saying that the NCLEX required min. competency in each *topic*. After reading that, I started feeling a little nervous...

    Here's my practice test results...

    On the Saunders Comprehensive CD Review test I scored 75%
    On the Kaplan Stratategies, Practice and Review book test I scored 74%
    On NCLEX 4000, I scored 71%

    However, there are a few individual topics within these tests where I'm scoring low (around 50%). Of course, I'm studying these areas, but I'd like to have a good grasp on how the test is scored. Also, how are my practice test scores looking? Are they indicative of being ready for the NCLEX? I can't afford the pricey courses, so I'm not sure how my test scores are stacking up in preparation for the NCLEX. Thanks!
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