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short story: recently passed nclex-rn on the 3rd try after 90 minutes & 75 questions. loads of priority, infection control, 18 sata, a couple delegation, 4 meds, 2 diagrams, 1 audio, 1 drag-n-drop, no math. long story: ... Read More

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    I'm glad the prayers helped you. All the best for your official results!

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    Thank you so much. I too am not a member of an official organized religion. That being said, nursing school has made me begin to pray every single night! I am set to take the boards in 9 days. However, I cannot sleep and saw that there is an opening in two days. I am considering rescheduling my original date because I have just had enough of the stress. Maybe a prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino will work? I have run out of questions to do and now I have bought a new book and I am only getting frustrated by my sub-par results on the questions CD. I am afraid that I have run out of steam! I just cannot decide, so maybe if I (try to) sleep on it and the date is still available tomorrow, I will reschedule? St. Joseph help me!
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    Hi mcdanforth,

    I'd suggest that you go headstrong and slay the beast! I'm not one to dole out unsolicited advice, but I firmly believe that you are ready. It doesn't matter if you take it today (?) or in 9 days. Invoke St. Joseph of Cupertino and rest assured that you possess the knowledge you need to lay a beatdown. All the best!
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    thanks uaefan for the encouragement my situation is sooo identical to yours i too graduated from an accelerated bsn program and failed nclex 2 times and used kaplan both times. i am scheduled to take the nclex tomorrow and my studying have been from the saunders q&a which was highly recommended by several friends who passed the nclex, pda, and kaplan qbank. i believe in my heart that i will pass and i will be saying the st joseph cupertino prayer tonight and tomorrow before and after the exam. im so glad i ran across your post and i will keep you posted on the results of my 3rd time taking nclex...
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    It's always nice when you can find someone who has gone through the same things you have; and I'm glad that you found encouragement in my post. You are well-prepared; St. Joseph of Cupertino will be watching over you tomorrow. I wish you all the best and I'm keeping you in my thoughts
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    Hi uaefan,

    I took the NCLEX this morning and tried the Pearson Vue trick and it sent me to the CC page...I failed on the 3rd try I dont know what it problem is, but Im so disheartened right now that Im in tears....I knew the content I guess I struggle with the critical thinking. I will continue to study and take it again after 45 days!
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    Good luck to you. Keep the prayers up and believe.
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    thanks for posting the prayer! GODbless

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