last question wrong on NCLEX - page 2

thought on how you did if you get the last question wrong?? I just took my test today and don't have the courage to do the trick yet.... Read More

  1. by   nervouswreck1
    @birdie22, what does the pop-up say ?this is my third time taking it, i took it yesterday and it stopped at 125, im so nervous , i was fine all day yesterday , bu today im a nervous wreck, i took it twice befor the first time it stopped at 205 and i failed i was like '" wow , i went through the whole exam and still failed lol, the 2nd time its stopped @85 and i failed, this time 125, im praying God i pass because i've invested so much..someone told me you can check the BON website to know if u pass. I live in NY, so i get my results in 48hrs, so by tomorrow morning i will know , im thinking of doing the trick but im soooooo scared , im about to cry..i just want to be done with this exam..pray for me guys!
  2. by   birdie22
    ok, first BREATHE!! the pop-up says something to the effect of "our records show you are not eligible to register. please contact your board of nursing for further information"...or something like that. I was a nervous wreck and didn't want to check in case I failed. Then I told myself, the decision has already been made if I pass/fail, I'm just delaying on whether or not I know. Why go through that misery. Try to register, then you'll know before tomorrow. And just remember, it's not the end of the world if you don't pass. Take a day or a week even, eat a tub of ice cream, and then try, try, again. GOOD LUCK!
  3. by   nervouswreck1
    @birdie..thanks so much for the advice , and congrats on passing!
  4. by   nervouswreck1
    @birdie when did u recieve the pop up?
  5. by   birdie22
    you have to wait until your status says "delivery successful" and then try to re-register. I found about about 3 hrs after I was done with the test. and THANKS!
  6. by   nervouswreck1
    @birdie, hopefully i passed i tried to register and it says ''our records show that you are not able to register and so on" and yes i did get the delivery sucessful status..but i still cant wait to see the word PASS!! Thanks a bunch hon!
  7. by   birdie22
    CONGRATSSS! glad to be of help
  8. by   nervouswreck1
    @birdie thankyou