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  1. I purchased the NCSBN course and have skipped reading most of the content and just took the post tests which I've done pretty well on 70%-90% on the tests, I haven't finished it all yet though since I only started late last week. I have also been using the Kaplan 2013-2014 edition review book (don't have the course) and have been taking the end of chp tests in it with good scores, lowest was 72%, but mostly in the 80's. I'm wondering if the book is comparable to the Kaplan course and getting over a 60% means you're ready for NCLEX? Are the questions in the book the same as the qbanks that everyone uses from Kaplan? I'm finding the questions somewhat easy, but I'm hoping I don't have false reassurance in my ability to pass NCLEX. I changed my date today to be sooner, taking it 7/9.

    I also have the PDA book and have done a few chps out of there.

    Just mostly wondering if this Kaplan book is all that great since everyone raves about the review course and qbanks they have.
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    Sorry, I have no info for you. I just wanted to say I got the book as well and would like to know the answer. However, I do have Kaplan. I take the test on 7/8...just one day before you. Hope we do well! Good luck!