Is there a different "good popup" now? Can results really take 2-4 weeks?

  1. I've read 2011 posts here and some people say they did the PVT trick and got "records show that candidate passed...", and found out later by actual mailed license that they did pass. When I did the PVT trick, it showed "our records indicate that candidate has recently taken this exam. another schedule cannot be made at this time". I thought this was the good popup..? Is there a new one??

    I took the NCLEX-RN 1 week ago and i didn't think it was hard at all, halfway through the test I knew my test was gonna end at 75. I was feeling sure of a lot of my answers; while there were tricky ones, I was choosing between 2 options than 3 or all 4. I read people who do similarly end up failing... I must've checked at least 7questions I can remember and they were right. But now my classmates have gotten their results and mine isn't up yet. CA doesn't participate in quick results... I'm so freaked out I'm nauseated all the time . Can results really take 2-4 weeks?
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  3. by   KML1030
    I had a very similar problem... apparently the CA BRN can be inconsistent with their postings. I took the NCLEX-RN on July 2nd and all my classmates found out that they passed the following Saturday. My name wasn't posted and I was devastated! I kept getting the good pop-up (the one you're getting) and it was my only hope. Finally, on the 12th, my license was up. So don't despair. I'm sure you passed! Congrats! And keep checking... your name will be up soon. I hear the PVT never lies!