I took Nclex RN on Thursday June 21

  1. Hi all I just decided to join this site but I have been reading everyone stories on here for months. I took Nclex twice once on march 5 2012 and it shut off at 256 I knew I was failing because I kept getting the same priority style questions on who do you see first over and over in disaster setting outside the hospital and inside and I barley got questions like that while I was doing practice questions but, it was too late I just didn't know who to choose because ABC didn't apply if it was airway all was airway of it was bleeding all was bleeding so that strategy did not help at all. long story short I retool it June 21 2012 an passed at 106 questions I thank God app much because I tried to the best I my ability the first time I use ATI and failed, and the 2nd time I used Kaplan and passed!!!!!!😄
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