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I survived the NCLEX-RN - page 2

Hello, fellow nurses. Like everyone else, I also had that dream to become a nurse someday. It wasn't an easy road for me. I took it a couple of times and wasn't fortunate. I knew deep inside of me... Read More

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    Thank you so much for telling your story! I just found out today that I did not pass my NCLEX-RN. It's very upsetting because I was so confident going into the test, and then once I hit question 76 I knew it wasn't a good sign. Everyone I know has had 75 questions and all have passed. But I read your story, and I feel much better. I don't feel alone. I must not give up!
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    hi can someone tell me if the results will be in 2days, will it be after the time you took or during the time you took?I took last 6/12 8am and finished with 75 q's in 2 hours..
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    Thanks for your such inspiring story!!!
    I am now in the same shoes you were few days ago and I am thinking about taking Hurst Review too.
    Congratulations!!! You have done a great job!
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    Quote from xtian2405
    hi can someone tell me if the results will be in 2days, will it be after the time you took or during the time you took?I took last 6/12 8am and finished with 75 q's in 2 hours..
    If you took it last 6/12, then it should be up by now. Are you in California? I think they don't have quickresults there.

    @ Cory: Don't think about it, DO IT. I highly recommend Hurst. I was doing well in Kaplan because I got my content down from Hurst.
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    elmojklmno: i live in california but I applied my state board in new mexico..I don't know when and what will be the results...i have a friend that took her exam last 2yrs and end up at 265..then she received her result after 3days...i'm getting anxious a little bit
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    Way to go!!
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    I hope that God will continue to bless you! I pray that if I get to the NCLEX and don't make it the first try that I will have the determination and faith like you have had!

    Thank you for sharing

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    Wow, congratsss
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    Thanks guys! If having that license is your dream, don't stop til you get it.
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    Can you please share how you studied...email vanessa_f26@yahoo.com
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    Congratulations on passing your boards! I was wondering if you can please keep me in your prayers as well and if you can share with me any tips that would be wonderful! johnnie.yee@gmail.com
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    Yayyyy!!! Congratulations you did it....mine story is same like you..failed two times now study again for third try.Thanks a lot to share your experience with all nurses,I'm thinking to do study with same methods like you,I have la chairity book but I was confused that which review I should choose from Kaplan and Hurst but you got me out from my confusion now I know I should choose Hurst...thanks a lot