I passed nclex-pn you guys!!!

  1. Hi everyone! Soooooo yea! I passed the nclex-pn that i took on sept 7th! I wanna talk a little about everything that I've kinda went through up until finding out the results after the test!!

    I graduated at the end of May with the highest GPA out of hmm I think a class of 45 people!? We started off with 80 or so! Ikkk. So anyway I feel like the reason why I did sooo well is that I studied sooo many hours a day. Sometimes I would not go to sleep if I had a test the next day and yea I worked maybe about 15 -20 hours a week. I made the LPN program my #1 priority above EVERYTHING ELSE...my bf,family,friends and even my health a lil (less working out the body and more working out the mind). I studied countless hours. I was soooo motivated to just feel like I could finally be someone or something! That I could finally use my caring and loving soul to good use! To just feel ALIVE!! And that I AM worth something!! Some other friends of mine passed the nclex and i just didnt think i could for some reason even tho everyone around me knew i would! how weird. So I graduated hs in 03 and just had miscellaneous jobs...until now!!

    After graduating nursing school I took like a month and a half off from even opening my books!! I just didn't want anything to do with studying since that's all I did for 10 months! I was so over it! I really would nottttt recommend doing that bc when I got my ATT letter way sooner than I thought I'd get it ...i was working an insane amount of hours at the time! and then i felt pressured to open those books up again and feel like I was in cramming mode. I just felt like I forgot everything and didn't even know where to begin to start studying!!! Ahhhh I was soo freakin outtttt! This nclex test made me feel a way that I have never felt before in my LIFE!! It drove me craZzzzzzZyyyy. I just wAsnt myself! I went to work came home and crammed...same thing everyday. I finally did the 3 week NCSBN review. Lemme tell u...if you purchase this...you def should have a lot of time on your hands. It def did help me though I would say! Just how they make u think. I learned things about what a UAP could and couldn't do. I learned malpractice and negligence. I learned a lot about what patient you should go see first....so yes I def recommend this program! I also did Saunders 4th Ed. Cd questions. I didn't even read an ounce of that book. And I looked up some pharm.

    So I think I rescheduled the test like 3 times until I knew I just had to finally take it! I felt sooo pressured by my parents and since my lil sister graduated with her bsn in business I just felt like a loser and a failure. So I KNEW I had to DO THIS!! I did in fact think I drove myself crazy studying for the past month and a half tho.

    DAY BEFORE THE TEST> I woke up with a SORE THROAT and STUFFY NOSE!!!! wait a min soooo ur tellin me that i just got SICK the day before my NCLEX!????? it was passed the 24hr point at this time!! I was so depressed and sad! I went to work came come and studied my ass off again. I knew there were things that I had to look up that I was unsure of and that I just needed to reassure myself on! (It was a lot of stuff) I felt very unprepared for this test!!! Never for a second ever felt ready to take it. I had a notepad that I always referred back to as I wrote stuff down. On the front page I had all the important stuff like abc"s , maslows hierarchy of needs pyramid, etc... I went to bed at 2am and test was in afternoon next day!!

    DAY OF THE TEST> I woke up Ssoooososososos sick!!!!! Sicker than I was the day before!!! Ugh this made me so upset!! I started crying in the shower knowing that I was unprepared, sick, head pounding , and thinking over and over that I'm gna fail I'm gna fail this!! Then! I'm rushing bc I was RUNNING LATE!!! for the mark of having to be there 30 min before my test begins! Then!! It starts POOOOOOURINGGGGGG!! then! The traffic gets down to one lane on the highway! And traffic was moving slow!! Then! I got lost and couldn't find the building! I called the lady and I said where are you even located!? (Highly recommend doing a drive before test day) this building was huge!!! I got lost in it and called the lady again and i finally found her!!!! Ugh I made it I thought!!! I was all over the place and nervous. She got me registered and they were all so nice there! The time was here to sit down and take it. I took a look in the room at all of the computers. I was like is this actually happening right now !?! So I went in and asked if I could bring in a bunch of tissues and she said I could take as many as I like ! Ugh it was the only thing I could bring in with me lol. I sat down and when the test actually started I remember not even havin a clue what the answers were. That test was not easy!!!!!! I took the WHOLE 5 hours! And ran out of time with 106 questions. All I wanted to do was leave after hour #2!!! I was so over it!!! I wanted to blow my nose every 5 minutes! And My head started pounding!!!! Time was up finally and i just thought....oh well...I left and called my mom ASAP and told her everything. I went home and slept.

    Next day I woke up and my bf was like let's do PVT TRICK. I was like noooo way I don't wanna know I failed already. Cuz I def deeeeef thought i did!!! He did it and promise he wouldn't tell me so I said ok. I watched his face as I was pacing back and forth and after he had this weird not a good pop up type of look I said OMG I failed I failed!!!! And i flipped out! And he goes u got the good pop up!!!!! I was like ur lying ur lying!!!!!! And he was like nooooo see for yourself!!! I was too scared to even go near the computer but I finally did! And there it was! The good pop up! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! OMG I thought then I said noooo I still feel like I failed?!!! I waited till next day (today) wether I passed or not and I paid quick results. It said PASS!!!!!!!!! Ughhhh ommmmgggg so relived!! I feel like myself again !!!! It's sooooo great of a feeling after studying and working so hard to actually accomplish something as becoming a nurse!!! I am going into LPN to RN program in spring! Good luck to everyone out there! DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING STOP U FROM PERSUING YOUR DREAMS!!!!! It will and can happen if you just keep going! Bc the time will pass wether you are trying ur best or not! So I suggest you work hard!! And strive always for ur best!!!!
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    Ohhhhh!!!! And idk how I forgot to mention this but ...I PRAYED A LOOOOOT TO GOD!! I said to Him...God u know my heart please help me help you so I can take care of others and help them! KEEP PRAYING!!
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    Congratulations! I take my test in the very near future (next week). I have been doing practice questions through Saunder's 5th Edition on Evolve. I have probably done over 1000 questions since May and I read rationales. My scores are between 70% - 86%. Every now and again (not very often) I'll score a 68%. As I get closer to my date, I have focused more on Kaplan's Strategies, Practice, and Review. I finished reading it today, now I am beginning the practice section.It consists of 145 questions. I have a study plan to do 15 q's a day from the book and do 50 a day on Saunder's. I hope I am prepared enough! I did well throughout school and I do not want to overwhelm myself. I like to apply what I know and reinforce the knowledge where I fall short. I believe I will be successful.

    Congratulations again!
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    Congrats I'm happy for you
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    Thank you!!!!