I just got ATT

  1. Hi I being reading some people post about NCLEX. This is my first time posting in here. I just got the ATT and I have to July 20-2012 to take the test. I am a little nervous but I trust in myself. How many hours a Day do you think I have to study? I heard about Saunders review I guess I'm going to get it. I hope that I can find somebody to study with. I am planning to make a Schedule so I keep myself in order. I know I have a lot to study so I'm going to try to fit the study time with 8 hr. of work. I will keep posting my progress. I have to get the stuff I need to start studying. Please keep my in your prayers.

    Thanks, bye
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  3. by   humbled
    hi sun88, I took a week off work when the time came close, and I did at least 5-8hrs/day with atleast 300 questions each day.
  4. by   morningstarRN
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    I felt strong in my content base so I took two weeks to run through between 300-500 questions per day. I read all the rationales and strategies for each question. It helped build my confidence and showed me how to pick the right answer even when I didn't recognize the content on occasion. Study plans are very individualized and should be based on each persons needs. I will say don't get to hung up on the scores you are getting and instead really focus on understanding why one answer is right or wrong. I also found the allnurses study guide to be a huge help and it really focused on the core content I saw on the NCLEX.
  5. by   JENURSE03_RN
    Welcome!!! You may want to start studying for 2-4 hours a day and when you build the stamina you can study longer hours.
  6. by   sun88
    Thanks all for your advice. How do I get the {allnurses study guide]?? I'm Planning to study 3hr over the weeks day and (sat) and (sun) I'm off so I will dedicate more time to those days.