I haven't taken my nclex in about almost 2 years after graduation.

  1. I graduated lpn school in May 2011. I failed it with 265 questions, apparently i was close but the conputer wasn;t sure. I had family problems at the time and lost track and got a better job than before. I was a little intimated and lost confidence in paying to retake and failing and just letting myself down again. Pharmaclogy is what i did lack on. Now i feel like i owe it to myself to retake it and pass it. I went through 1 year of school, busting my butt for nothing. I honestly don't remember everything so i'm starting to study again. What suggestions do you guys have as far as studying content and then another book for just nclex questions? The BON said that the NSCBN website is helpful but that is all the advice she gave me. Also, do they have refresher courses i can take in VA? Please help!!
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  3. by   nursey909
    hello I'm in the same boat you are I graduated in 09 from: o9 to current date I have taken it twice and failed I got wrapped up in working couldent easily come up with a 350 to retest but while some life changes have occurred so I'm in the game 100 percent I use Saunders 5th edition I read a couple of chapters a day I practice 200 questions a day I also use the ATI DVD lectures I go to the subject what I have read through the book that day so I can get reputation of what I've learned don't give up....... you can't get there if you don't try best of luck
  4. by   Vee18
    I failed the first time because I waited too long after graduating, I'm going to list what I did to get back on track and pass the second time around
    1. Saunders book this book is amazing it pinpoints the major things you need to know and it comes with a CD with questions you can answer after every chapter.
    2. I downloaded a bunch of nclex apps (most are free), these are good (while your in traffic, waiting at the doctors office etc) you can answer questions and read the rationales, very helpful.
    3. I signed up for the online Hurst Review I believe this is very helpful it made learning a little more fun and entertaining so it sticks.
    I did these three things and passed on the second try. Don't beat yourself up, if you made it through nursing school you can surely pass the NCLEX its just a matter of dedicating a few hours a day to it so don't worry you can do it. Good Luck!