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    Thank you S384, I used Hurst, Kaplan, and a little bit of Saunders. I mostly used Hurst for the content but I did do qbank for Kaplan and I answered the questions in Saunders so that I could get used to other forms of questions as well. I worked at the same time as I was studying for this test so I used all of my free time to study.

    The first thing I did was complete all the Hurst med surge videos (took around 5 days) Then I studied all the notes for those sections until I could lecture on them with a page of skimpy notes (Took around a week) then I watched the peds and maternity videos and studied those (2 days). When I felt that I could understand and apply the content I took 1 Hurst test a day and reviewed the rational. I would then study whatever section i felt I did not understand with my notes for the rest of the day (Or time I had before work) I finished these tests 5 days before my test so I used the rest of the five days to study Kaplan questions and Saunders questions.

    Thats it! I know you can do it. I loved Hurst review and would recommend it to anyone. Oh, one more thing. The day before the test I only studied until noon and then tok the night off to relax and watch a movie. I ate a good breakfast before the test and prayed a lot!

    I failed my first time taking the test too. I know its hard to keep studying. I know you can do it! If I can be of any help let me know!
    Thank you sooo much give strength....I was totally I think I can do it....thanks once again...I will let you know if I need any help...

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