Hurst Review Q Test Score

  1. Hello! I'm doing the online Hurst review and just did my first QTest. I scored 101 points (or 80.8%). All of my classmates are doing Kaplan, so I have nothing to compare my score too. Any input from anyone who has done Hurst and then passed NCLEX? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   kennybania
    From what Ive read on here that is an awesome score. Ive only taken two qreviews and the first one i scored a 91/125 and the second 100/125. I take the NCLEX Monday so hopefully I'll be able to tell you something then.
  4. by   anneuhbanana
    I've taken 2 Q reviews and I have gotten 77% and 82%. I take the NCLEX Monday as well so we shall see how this compares. When I am taking them I have noticed that the questions tie in with the core content review so I'm not sure how good these questions are.
  5. by   JRich
    I have taken 2 of them as well. I got a 70% and a 68%... I also take the NCLEX on Monday.
  6. by   JRich
    I keep reading that anything above a 60% is good. So let's hope that is the case, and keep on studying!!!
  7. by   kennybania
    Good luck to us! Im extremely nervous and still have 4 days.
  8. by   live&love&heal
    I'm not sure about the score but, like you, all of my classmates are taking Kaplan. I am on the fence whether to take Hurst live or online review.

    Why did you choose Hurst over Kaplan?
    Why did you choose the online versus the live NCLEX review?
    How is the review so far?

    Sorry for the questions. I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking which is better...Hurst or Kaplan and didn't get a response.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. by   JRich
    I took my NCLEX yesterday. It shut off after 75 questions. I had 23 SATA. I am getting the good pop up. My Q-Test scores were:
    QT1- 70%
    QT2- 68%
    QT3- 78%
    QT4- 75%
    QT5- 77%
    QT6- 74%

    Hope everyone else that took theirs Monday passed!
  10. by   aphillipi
    Congratulations!!!! (Wow 23 SATA, that's painful!)
  11. by   aphillipi
    Why did you choose Hurst over Kaplan?
    I didn't think I meshed well with the instructor teaching Kaplan at my school. I'd also heard great things about Hurst and really enjoyed a Hurst demo I saw at nursing student conference I attended.

    Why did you choose the online versus the live NCLEX review?
    Online was cheaper and easier. I wish I had attended the live review though.

    How is the review so far?
    I really enjoy most of the lectures. They are interesting and most of the speakers are funny and entertaining. I wish they had lectures on meds instead of just handouts. I also wish they used more mnemonics and testing strategies like Kaplan does. However, I think that learning the core knowledge will help me with my career as well as with NCLEX. The lecture videos do a great job explaining the material.
  12. by   JRich
    I did the live Hurst review. I think it definitely helped me in my studying and in passing the NCLEX (still waiting on official results, but still have the good pop up!) It was cheaper than the Kaplan review and i just didn't feel the Kaplan review was right for me. The Kaplan review was in the town I live in and I thought it would be best to do it in a different town so I put all my effort into the review course. I really enjoyed the review. I liked the way they talked. I thought pharm was my area of weakness, but I always did well on the pharm in my Q-Tests. I recommend Hurst 100%
  13. by   anneuhbanana
    I took mine Monday and passed. I had 75 questions as well and it felt like half were SATA. I feel like the Q reviews really did help.
  14. by   kennybania
    I took my NCLEX Monday and it stopped at 75. I felt very confident leaving the testing center and went straight home and tried the PVT. I got the good pop up. So yesterday I found out that I passed officially. I only took 5 out of 6 of the Hurst QReviews and my scores were 90, 91, 100, 97, and 91/125. My scores kind of jumped around as I went through them. I thought the QReviews were spot on with how the NCLEX was.