Hurst QReview scores

  1. Hi everybody,

    I just want to know those of you who passed the Nclex-RN already and used the Hurst Review as one of their resources got less than 84/125 and passed?

    I only have done two Qreviews and my first score was 70 and second I got 73

    I am still going to try to aim for 84 but I need hope
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  3. by   Success2011
    First of all, let me tell you that you made a great choice by chosing Hurst. They are very good, especially for content build up. Don't focus too much on the scores..just watch the videos over and over and get the concept. I watched each video like 4 times... Eventhough my lowest score was 80 and highest 92....I will still say focused on understanding the content..oh btw my median score was 84 and I passed like they say....but don't be discouraged..if you study the material like they tell you, you'll be fine..goodluck
  4. by   TomorrowNeverKnows
    Thank you