How long did it take you to get your Missouri RN license posted to NurSys?

  1. 0 How long did it take you to get your Missouri RN license posted to NurSys? I see several threads regarding this topic (and one for Missouri) but only one other person has responded. I took the exam on 1/14/14. Quick results posted on 1/16/14. Nothing has come in the mail. And nothing has been posted to Any help on this topic would be GREATLY appreciated...And yes, I did check with the State Board of Nursing (both by telephone and on the website). The information I received was broad (one said, a couple weeks, while the website said "30-45 days to process"). I am looking for your prior experiences here. Thanks!
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    Official letter in the mail 1/18/14
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    1/22/14 - license number posted!
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    CONGRATULATIONS amber_energy_RN!!! I just took mine this past Monday 02/17/2014. It was my 2nd time taking the boards and I was RIDICULOUSLY nervous to try the PVT. I got the good pop up!!! But I'm still not getting too excited until I get official word. I have been checking nursys too and still nothing. I'm hoping to get the letter soon!

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