How I pass the NCLEX and PVT

  1. PVT: From my experience, The PVT is accurate. This is actually my third attempt (75Q). With my first (210 Q) and second attempt (165 Q). When I tried to do the PVT (this was after my 1st and 2nd NCLEX exam) it went directly to the CC page. But this time, I got the good pop-up. 48 hours later, I did the quick result and it says "PASS".

    How i pass the NCLEX: As for my studying, I only used the Saunders comprehensive book and the other blue book (Saunders all Multiple Choice Questions). This didn't help me much since I am only studying basely on the content and I felt that I was not mastering enough any critical thinking skills. Before I took the exam the third time, I decided to take Kaplan and studied for two months, at least 3 hours a day. These are my results: Diagnostic- 63%, QT1-67% QT2-76% QT3-65% QT4-74% QT5-69% QT6-70% QT7-65% Readiness-63%. (Based on the result on my readiness exam the probability of passing is 96%). QBank (which I did 1300+Q, at least 100 Q a day)- 56%. For content I preferred the Saunders compared to Kaplan but for practicing NCLEX type of Questions, I prefer the questions from Kaplan. Also from my experience, the Decision Tree used in Kaplan was effective. I actually used it when I was answering the questions. For example, would I assess first or implement, the use of MASLOW or ABC, physical vs. psychosocial, clean vs. dirty, etc. But in order to master the Decision Tree I suggest being knowledgeable of the nursing content first. I also used La Charity book to practice answering prio and delegation questions. I recommend this book and it is very useful. Lastly, I'm a religious person and I believe in God. So every time a question pops out, I pray that I get it right.
    So if you fail the first time, second, third, or fourth and so on, don't be discourage and do not give up. With hard work and faith, I know you can do it!
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    Congratulations on your passing. I take mine in a few weeks.
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    congrats and good luck for future
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    Congratulations! Proof that things will fall into place when the time is right. Be proud of all your hard work!
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    Thank you
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    Congrats, RN
    May you land your dream job and have longevity within your chosen profession
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    Hello! I am a Foreign Nurse. Recently I have the credential evaluation of my diploma done and I got an official permission to take an NCLEX-RN in America. I have been living in USA for many years, I am an American Citizen, but I have never visited any colleges for nurses preparation here. How difficult is this exam and is there any possibility for person like me to pass it? Does it make sense to take NCLEX-PN first? Is there a big difference between NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN? May be someone has been in the similar situation. I will be appreciated for any piece of advice.
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    I am a canadian citizen and I graduated here in Canada. Im sorry that I cannot help you with some of your questions. I can only explain the difference between Canadian RN exam and NCLEX.
    Since you are eligible to take NCLEX, why dont you give it a shot. As long as you study nursing contents and practice test taking strategies then you should be fine. In kaplan, they recommend to practice 150Q a day. Also, I learned that in order to pass you should be getting analysis and application in most of the questions which you will require to think critically.
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    i did saunders book . what next. i cant go wth online class or any other book. i am taking in november
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    Quote from bhumipatel2004
    i did saunders book . what next. i cant go wth online class or any other book. i am taking in november
    Practice multiple choice questions since you still have a month long to study. Review your nursing content. Another option is you can go to a library borrow a book that has NCLEX multiple choice questions (Lippincott, Kaplan, Saunders, etc.)