Help nurse preparing nclex 4th time

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    hello everyone
    I am new to this forum but i really like all reviews.
    Here is my story of Nclex...
    I came to US about four years ago,Graduated from India in 2006.was a top student in my nursing school,got high grades.I took my first Nclex test in oct-2010,it was just a try to know how the test is,did'nt prepare well,result failed.

    Second try i took kaplan review only but was not able to even start Q Bank thats really bad but i was pregnant at that time,took test feb. 2011,failed again.was totally down but than thought God want me to study more hard.

    Third try i took hurst review finished all review but was not get good scores in questions again.I did la charity book that was good for me i priority n delegation,felt well prepared that time took my test on OCT 2012 but result below in 4 areas,near in 4 areas.Than I gave up no more study for Nclex Rn,I cant do it,was feeling totally dumb no value of my 4 years study.

    After couple of months my friends n family encouraged me don't give up u can do of my friend told me about ncsbn review so about 3 month ago i started study again like totally new to this test feeling like giving it first time,done with ncsbn review,read all my content,got average scores in questions.
    so this time I am using NCSBN review
    Ohman David's QA and dvd.
    LA charity PDA.
    praying to GOD
    doing david book now will be done with it in two weeks.My test date now is oct 16.any suggestions for me pleaseee....pray for me,nobody else knows this time that i am going to give my test only my husband.

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    Hello I m from India too. I m gonna to take this exam in nov and preparing my exam and taking Kaplan on demand. I m using Saunders for content as well as Kaplan review book. I think more important is content. If we know the content than we can apply critical thinking. I m soo nervous too but believe in god. He will help us. My Kaplan score between in 50to70. I think we have to pay more attention on content. Mostly I read all the massages on this website and gain more confidence. I heard mostly students said they got all of stata questions.
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    Ur story similar to my experience I can strong suggest u ncsbn really worth of studying for nclex when I gave my exam I felt test was easer than ncsbn . Just practice and practice u can do this u are topper in ur school so sure u will win in this nclex war . All the best for ur exam .
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    Stay positive and keep confidence u will pass this nclex I m soo excited u will give me good new u passes it this time
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    If you have more time, you can try saunders, its a good book
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    I like Feuer, and Hurst review for content. I broke the areas down the same way I learned them: med surg, peds, ob, psych, pharm. I would take a test for content in each area for content, and then concentrate on the lowest areas. Depending on the score, I may even re-listen or restudy the whole content, and then go back and assess with a test in that area. When I went over the content, I was looking for words that I did not understand, and I would define them.

    It was important to really understand med surg. Davis RN Success(3rd edition) was the question book I used to focus my questions on my specific weak area. It is difficult to work on an area when the question base covers all of health, all of safety, etc. For me, it as easier to be more specific to the area I was weak on.

    Also, I looked at the breakdown of scores similar to the nclex being sure I was above the line for each subject area.

    It is important to make learning interactive. That is retention goes up when one interacts with the material. I watched videos, made flash cards, drew pictures, used Davis questions, had a study mate, and posted questions. Also, I sometimes would listen to my cd for Feuer, and stop, and maybe watch a video, or do some activity, and then continue with listening.

    Tutors are also helpful.
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    First of all, never give up. Believe in yourself. U can do it! I used ncsbn 3 week course and Saunders. I honestly thought that those two recourses were great after I took my nclex. The actual nclex questions seemed easier than those from ncsbn and Saunders or pretty similar. Knowing the content is a must and fundamental but I learned that nclex is more into prioritization, delegation, infection control, and critical thinking skills. Practice a lot of select all that apply (SATA) questions too cuz it made me think more critically. You can select only SATA type questions from Saunders CD if u want to practice SATA.

    And good luck to you! Success is near!
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    i am in the same boat, i did NCLEX 2times this is my 3rd attempt on sep 25th. i was a topper in my class and i did BSCnursing from Australia with good grades. howcome this is the test hard for me. but i am positive to pass this stay positive you can do this. my only big problem is insufficient time as i have 2 little kids. don't give up.i believe you are going to be RN soon. stay tuned.
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    Wow. .I just posted about this too. I just found out I failed my nclex on my third attempt Monday. I'm devastated. ...I want to take a review course, hurst or kaplan... they ate both happening at the same time in my town. which one? I did take the feuer my first time, and I didn't think it helped me... but I hear good things about it. ..
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    Thank u so much,feeling much better by your comment,yeah just need to believe in God,he is always with us.I am focusing on content this time too cuz i did lot of question my first tries,i didnt touch the content my two tries n third time realized i need to polish my content. I am practicing 75-100 question everyday n reading rationale of each one wrong or right.Good luck to u,your getting 50-70 in kaplan thats really good and yeah i heard there Q-banks are really helpful,you will be fine,it will be your day,lets study hard n win this game.

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