HELP! Feeling lost.. Failed the NCLEX once.. Thinking of taking it again soon.

  1. 0 I'll try to keep this short.. I graduated 4 years ago, passed the local boards in the Philippines but haven't been able to practice/ work as a nurse ever since. I took the NCLEX two years ago and failed. Got pretty disheartened but I want to take it again on November. Only thing is I feel like I've already forgotten everything. I'm torn between reading the whole Medical/Surgical book I had when I was in College (to "refresh") or should I just go ahead and start studying Lacharity/ Saunders/ Kaplan reviewer books. Not sure where or how to start.. I plan to take the exam again by the end of November or first week of December at the latest.. Do you think I have enough time to review? Gaaaahhh i feel so lost!!!mn
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    I think you should get Kaplan package. I know it's expensive but there are videos and course book that is really helpful. On top of that those qbank questions rock. I would recommend you getting Kaplan.
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    We're in the same situation. I finished my BSN 4years ago also and just passed nclex this year. At first I was thinking the same thing I totally forgot what I've learned and I am so hopeless that I can't passed the exam here. But I motivated myself I did hurst review online which focuses on content. And did questions on PDA lacharity. I also studied Saunders book cover to cover. Goodluck!

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