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First and foremost i will like to thank God and St Joseph of Cupertino. I prayed the whole way to the exam and receit the St joseph of cupertino prayer before walking thru the door saying to myself in as a Gradusate Nurse out... Read More

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    Congratssss you passed !!!
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    Hi I'm just new here, I signed up since I find it beneficial, I'm taking my nclex this December and already halfway to my review, been out for nursing for 3 yrs and never practiced since I graduated. I've been reviewing for 3 months now,.'m using Saunders as well.. I hope things will turn out well
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    0pepper u have to believe in urself... hardest part is getting thru nursing school and have accomplish that.. take a deep breath... and say I GOT THIS
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    Thanks nursingfem007, few days to go, I just finsihed with all my requirements needed for the state,last step is to schedule my exam.