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I took nclex yesterday with 77Qs & i got the good popup. I'm juz wondering how long will it take for ur name to appear in the license verification? please share ur views. tanx!... Read More

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    I took my test this morning, how long do I have to wait to try the pearson vue? I stopped at no 75, Am so nervous.. hepl pleeease

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    In Ohio it took 48 hours to post on the board and that was in July of this year.
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    hey did you try PVT? I took my test this morning(10/19) tried PVT got good pop up felt good but then found some posts indicating a different/new pop up!! all confused coz that good pop-up is the only thing that is giving me hope...otherwise the test was like what I had never expected!!!!!
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    I tried the pearson trick but it took me to CC payments.. does this mean i failed? Am so confused been crying all day ;(
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    hi guys

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