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good pop up

  1. 1 i took NCLEX RN today this morning at 8 am with all 265 questions. i feel this test very hard this time as i already taken twice before. but i got good pop up fingers crossed. is this good sign please verify. i am so nervous now
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    Yes. Congrats
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    Congrates....good luck for future.
    I'm preparing mine 4th time,hoping for best result.What did u study?need suggestion.
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    It sure is! I took mine Tuesday with 250 questions, but I got the good pop up. I still didn't believe it, but I found out yesterday I passed!!! Congrats!!!
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    From my experience, The PVT is accurate. I took the exam sept 24 and I just found out today that I pass based on the quick result.
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    thanks every one for your comments.
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    hi dhillons i used saunders comprehensive review 5th edition this time. on my 1st and 2nd attempt i used kaplan.....
    and i also have some notes from feuer and hurst review which i think quiet informative in addition to remember diseases eaisly.
    i can help you with these notes if u like to read.
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    thanks kapgnrn for these words which i really really want to listen.
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    thanks ma305 i hope pvt will work for me also
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    thanks meganvelez i hope pvt will work for me too
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    Congratulations!!! ekam can you share your study materials email thank you God Bless
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    Congrats Nurse
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    Congratulations! I would love to read some notes, I cant afford to take any review courses. If you're willing to share my email is