good pop up 3/27

  1. hey guys.........

    this one is gonna be long ..... i am about to rant .. so be prepared n read along at your own risk

    so i will start with the fact that i m a foreign nurse ... its been around 4 years since i finished my studies i had pretty much involuntarily deleted everything from my mind that i had ever studied !! therefore i set aside around 3 months to get prepared for nclex ... immediately after christmas i started my nclex journey .... my plan was to focus on my content first n foremost .. i started with saunders ... it took me around a month n half to finish it !!! i read it page to page !! let me add .. around 12 hours each day !!!

    with saunders i set my base .. then i started kaplan's qbank ... my scores in kaplan are :

    diagnostic 62%
    qbank 60%
    qt1 74%
    qt2 76%
    qt3 65%
    qt4 69%
    qt5 67%
    qt6 68%
    qt7 65%

    i also did pda .. just the 18 chapters... it hits home the P n D questions .... i got anywhere from around 50's to 70's ...

    i also did lippincott 3500 .. just the alternate questions

    i was freaking out before taking the qtrainers..... after my scores i settled down a bit cuz i knew i was above the passing standard.... believe me i was a mess.... when my test date was approaching i was so borderline... one moment i would study like i was on 5min energy drink ... next i would sulk around !!! i must have made my husband miserable !!
    i was positive i would fail .... it was so overwhelmining .... only the fact that my content n qtrainer score were what kept me positive ...
    i have always been a crammer so i got around 1 hour of sleep last night ... even then i just could not fall asleep.... so this morning i said a prayer to god n left everything in fates's hand ..... god bless my husband who took leave from his work n waited for me outside the test centre

    i got the following

    around 15 sata's
    10 prioritazation
    2 delegation
    3 ekg
    3 exhibit
    2 calculations
    15 drugs
    some teaching questions
    other's were just here n there

    and yess i found nclex easier than kaplan ... infact so much so that i was positive that my test would end in 75 questions around halfway through .... i really took a long time getting to the 75 question though ... around 2;45 hrs .. i dont know how i would have finished had i gone beyound 75 !!
    the questions were pretty straight n easy ... i was like woahhh m i flunking this !!!
    if i had to pick one and say which did nclex resemble most ... it would probably be kaplan .... the wording was similar . not the questions ... but yes doing kaplan had made me prepared for nclex

    i dont know why but i had a good feeling once i finished my xm ... cuz i got around 5 straight prioritazation questions from 70 to 75 .... and i was panicking coz i had too little time if my xm went beyound 75 so i was answering without thinking much .. just like how i would have had i been taking it at home !! BUT ... after 75 question the screen went blue ... n i was positive that i had passed ...... just a gut feeling

    so ... i rushed home ... and tried to register n got the good pop up .. went out to have lunch ..n a few shots .....

    i had truely worked sooooo hard ... as much as 12 hours a day .... around 15 hrs towards the end ... i really wanted to get this over with ... i didnt know if i could take this again .... most importantly coz i am going back home after 2 years ... i just wanted to put this behind me n enjoy my time back home .... next week i m going back home

    i really want thank all the people here in allnurses ... u guys are great ...
    during my most despair state i found motivation to go on by reading the experiences of people here in allnurses ... thats why i wanted to give back to this community n share my experience here..... when i got hopeless i would read about people passing and be a bit more motivated to study n get hope from comparing scores ....

    to all the people studying for the test .... it not really as hard as u think .... be calm.. just imagine as if u were giving it as your home ... and ALL THE VERY BEST
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  3. by   APerry5675
    Congrats to you!! I didn't do Kaplan, I did NCSBN and Saunders and a little ATI! Tomorrow is my big day and I must say I am terrified! Seeing your success makes me a little more at ease! Wish me luck and I am requesting all prayers!!!

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  4. by   rnunic1
    Hi dixya congrats. What country are you from. Waiting for my att, have not started study ing as yet. What board of nursing did you apply to and hhow long did you take to get your att.
  5. by   raj89
    Congrats dixya. Thanx for this inspiring story.