GOOD pop-up! But I'm in denial! GOOD pop-up! But I'm in denial! | allnurses

GOOD pop-up! But I'm in denial!

  1. 1 I'm in denial because the last of my questions were not SATA and my very last question before the test turned off was fairly easy. I'm in denial with my good pop-up!!!
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    I feel the same way for the good pop up, probably not until I will find out official if I pass or fail. But I have been reading about PVT for more than enough and only see the false "good pop up" when you met the maximum time to take the test (only some state requirement). So if this is you first or second time, I think you have more chance to pass. Last Q neither you got it right or wrong doesn't seem to matter from what I have read. Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you too! I hope this good pop-up won't let us down. I've checked 3 different times already and I just want the unofficial results now!
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    I know how you feel, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed tight for both of us
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    Yes, definitely! I also finished my exam around 1:40 eastern standard time. Does that mean I have to wait until 1:40 on Monday to pay for the online results or I can do it any time that day?
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    I believe on the pearson website will show if the quick result will be ready for you so I suggest you check on their website once you are on the hours of 48. I'm not sure if you have to wait for 2 bushiness day or something. I have seen someone got their quick result on weekend I think. Too bad for me, my state (CA) doesn't have quick result and the process will be somewhat very long time to find out. Ugh. I hope you pass anyway
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    I'm so sorry that you don't have quick results. I'm so eager and it's only 48 hours. I hope you passed as well!
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    Thank you! Keep me update for your quick result
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    Yeah, we all think we are that 1 exception that the "good-pop up" won't work on. I thought that too. However, getting the "good pop-up" relieved TONS of anxiety. But, I still wanted the quick results and to see my name on BON just to be officially sure.

    God Bless & Good Luck!
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    I know what you mean! The good pop-up DOES relieve some anxiety. I legit thought I failed after that exam just because I didn't get as many SATA as I thought should have to pass. God bless and good luck to you too!
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    Congrats!!! How many quetions did u have were they sata a lot of math? Was kaplan harder than the nclex
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    I took a break every 25 questions but I never took a break at 125 so I probably had about 120 questions and it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes. I had only 1 math question and Kaplan was definitely harder in my opinion!
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    I took mine today too. Also have the good pop up but like you denial! I had a lot of sata for the first half then they seemed to get easier... I just sat there thinking oh no just let me answer a few more!