Foreign Nurses. Don't give up! I passed my test!! So can you. :)

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    I just found out today that I Passed my NCLEX-RN! I am a foreign educated nurse and I passed at my second attempt. My first test was really devastating. I had to go through the 6 hours and I could only answer 215 questions. I failed. But I kept my faith and started studying for the next attempt. Last Tuesday when I tried again I knew that it would be hard and It was...More than half of my test were SATA's questions, had one chart and picture question. Sometimes I had 3 SATA's in a row. At that point I knew that I was doing good.When the computer shut off at the 75th question I couldn't believe it! I was sure that I passed. I went home and tried the "PVT trick" and I got a "good pop up". Today (2 business days later) My name was at the BON. So the trick really works. Don't waste your money paying for the "Quick results". Just try the trick and later check at the BON it is for free!!
    I would like to thank all of you who posted good information, shared the "tricks" and experiences.
    Keep you faith in our Lord Jesus and DON'T GIVE UP!!
    Best wishes for all.
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    Congrats Julia!
    What kind of books and Q&A did you used? And how long you prepared for exam?
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    Julia, Congratulation!
    I am a foreign educated graduate too! I am still struggling in passing the nclex. What kind of nclex books review did you used & how long did you prepared for the exam? Did you also sign up for online review?
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    I used the Saunders Review (loved it! it comes with a CD full of tests that you can pratice at home)I used the LaCharity (ok) and Kaplan book (wich is not really good). I paid for the Kaplan review wich is not cheap and it was ok. I had access on line to the Q Bank wich was the only thing that made my money worth. I got many tips from here. People like to post pretty intersting stuff!! Really helpful. This is my own opinion. You may like another book based on your own perspective though.
    I studied for two months to take the first test and I failed, then for the second time I studied for 3 months. When you are studing in a second language you need to slow down and make sure that you really get it.
    Hope it was helpful for you. Good luck on your test. 2012 will be a very blessed year for all of us!
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    Hi Julia! Thank you for sharing your story (which I can truly relate). =) I'm a foreign-trained nurse too and I failed my 1st attempt last 2010. I'm preparing for my 2nd try on Mar 9, hoping to finally pass it (just like you). And oh Congratulations! Good luck to everyone testing. Keep studying! We can do this! To God be all the glory.
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    Julia, How many question did you do? I understood, you worked with Kaplan Q-bank and Saunders? And how many hours did you spend per day? I have unsuccessful attempt, and preparing again. You talk about Kaplan book .Is it short review?
    Will very appreciate to know your opinion about kaplan stuff. Thank you .
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    Congratulations Julia!!! I'm a foreign grad too and failed Nclex before. Now I'm preparing for the test again. I was looking at my files in my computer and found many NCLEX programs. I just wanna ask if the Kaplan Q trainer that people are talking about is a program? It has Test 1-7, because I have it. and i was planning to enroll in the Kaplan review course this month. Anyway, good luck in starting your career as a nurse!
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    congratulations doll! =) I'm taking the test soon to march 16 is my date! =) good luck to all of us! NEVER SAY NEVER

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