Foreign Nurse - My NCLEX Success Story

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    I am a foreign nurse and this is how I studied for NCLEX and passed it for the very first time!!

    Foreign Nurse - My NCLEX Success Story

    Get to know me first:

    Hello everyone! I am a foreign nurse from India I am here to tell you how I studied and passed NCLEX exam. All international students and foreign nurses are most welcome to ask me questions I am here to guide them as I can totally understand how anxious it can get as you're not from hereSo something about me first I graduated 8 years back I was working in ICU For a very long time. After coming to the USA I got pregnant and my baby boy was born in the year 2014.

    My process for NCLEX:

    I applied for NCLEX exam in the year 2015 and my board was California. Little did I know that we would get transferred to Texas. Well, the board of California is a bit slow. It took them more than a year to process my documents as I am from India they had a lot of other requirements too. I had to call the board a lot of times and most of the time I was on hold for hours and then the call used to get cut. Then I got to know how to get hold of them. I called them at sharp 9 am that's when they open their office so there was no holding time So I mostly got to talk with them. As I live in Texas I had no option but to call them. By the end of 2016 I got my ATT. So as I have a son I gave it at least three months for me to prepare for NCLEX exam. So I took the date April 8th, 2017.

    Preparation for NCLEX:

    So from the start of January 2017 I put in a time schedule. I used to study for two hours in the morning then two hours in the afternoon and two hours before I sleep. It was very hard for me to study as I had a toddler jumping around and troubling me all the time but I am very strong Christian too so prayers helped a lot!!! There was a lot of frustrations and crying but by the end of the day, I had FAITH that MY LORD wouldn't let me down. So in the month of January, I did Kaplan and then for the next two months I only did UWORLD. After I did WORLD I was pretty confident that I would get through this exam. The night before my exam I just relaxed and prayed.

    Exam day:

    The next day morning I went through some lab values and some medications. My exam was at 2 pm. It took me an hour to finish my exam and it shut down at 75 questionsI was freaking out!!!! I thought I failed!! I had seen a lot of videos and nurses who have posted here in allnurses that they got a lot of questions from UWORLD but for me, I didn't get even one. But UWORLD helped me a lot as it's the same pattern how NCLEX exam is.


    Well, that same day I waited till evening and prayed and did the PVT And I got the good pop up!! The nurses who have applied for California they have a breeze account so board of California doesn't do quick results as other states so if you have passed in few days they update your status and you will get your license number when you search your name in your breeze account or else they will mail you your results in four weeks. I am so happy I got my license number within two days!! God is great!! Nclex exam is no joke!! You need to study hard and the rest God will take care!!! Hope this will help some of you.

    All the best to all the future RN's!!
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  3. by   Flnolegirl
    Congrats & the for sharing your experience.
  4. by   missymysterious
    Congrats and I love your story and how you also relied on God!!!!
  5. by   bibhadhakal
    Congrats for your success, what did you use for content?
  6. by   Nurseforlife4
    I did Kaplan nclex RN premier 2017 and then took two month subscription for UWORLD. And for medications I studied from Kaplan nclex-RN Drug guide. Went through a lot of YouTube videos of ecg rhythms, Ppe, ventilator, labor phases and lot more.
  7. by   Avi1987
    Hi...I was very much inspired by your story.....Can relate to you so much...I am on the same page....I have a toddler baby too...Got my ATT from California Nursing Council....And just moved now to New Jersey....Got demotivated but your story is so inspiring...Glad I read it...Thanks for the post
  8. by   Nurseforlife4
    You're welcome!! Glad I Was able to inspire and help you out! Best wishes!!!