Finally passed NCLEX-RN on 4th attempt! Here's my journey and tips! :) - page 7

Here's my story: 1st attempt) I graduated nursing school with BSN in December '15. My school has a very high passing rate on the first attempt, so I had no doubt I would pass, after all I was B+/A... Read More

  1. by   Baba-baba
    I wouldn't mind your note as well.
  2. by   Kalimati
    Congratulations on Passing NCLEx. Your journey is truly inspiring.Can I please have your study notes thank you
  3. by   save
    Thank you for sharing your story, it's very inspiring! So happy for you! Do you still have your notes, can you share please?
  4. by   tldrn02
    Congratulation!! Your hard work payed off.. Ive been struggling with the NCLEX for sometime. I would sure like a copy of your notes. Im missing something somewhere. Your help is greatly appreciated. My email is Thanks for your help. Tiffany
  5. by   Nursegal14
    Congrats on passing!!!! I haven't passed my NCLEX either, and going completely nuts trying to cover the lengthy content we learned for the past 3 years and anxiety that comes with standardized tests. I am using Kaplan, LaCharity and Saunders now after failing from Uworld.

    If you still have your notes available, would you please send it to me too as a good resource !? My email address is

    Thanks again for your uplifting post, I won't be giving up until I get that RN title !!
  6. by   sarabha
    i like please send me u note please
  7. by   tv999
    Could I get some more insight from you? i have some questions! thank you!
  8. by   Rizo
    can you please send me u notes please
    thank you in advance
  9. by   knmnurse14
    I would absolutely love a copy of your notes!!

    It would be greatly appreciated!