feeling down in the dumps! failed nclex several times

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    hi can anyone share with me some words of inspiration I too was a good student and have been out of school for two years with no luck of passing. I took Kaplan , paid a tutor, still no luck i try to pray. I dont want to lose my strenghth and energy it's stressful and breaks you down as a person.

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    what is your study habits?
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    Dont giveup, I failed nclex pn 3 times I havent given up im still studying to take for the 4th time. Just keep Praying
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    Thank you for reaching out! i used lacharity with my tutor for months while studying 6 hrs per day, five days a week. i also used nclex 4000 and saunders for content and questions.
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    Hello. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I needed it. I'm praying.. Good luck to you. This will be my 4th time as well!
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    is it RN or LVN?
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    If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.
    Michael Jordan

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    When I prepared for my boards; I practiced less than 500 questions. I was told by a doctor that once you understand the subject, you should be able to answer the question however NCLEX formulate it, I had a notebook that I put: hypo and hyperthyroid side by side along with signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests and nursing considerations; I did it for every subjects. I took a day (6-8hrs) for each subjects then practice on Lacharity, for the questions that was either a select all that apply or put in order, I copied them on that notebook with the subject so I could review. I studied labs, patient teaching for the testing and I mean teaching for every system including peds and OB and drugs and must tell you I had 25 SATA and I also have 2 children under 10.
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    Don't give up. I also failed NCLEX-RN twice.The first time I took my exam was August 2010 and that was the longest time I could imagine sitting there to answer 265 questions for almost 6 hours.It took me a while to gather my thoughts and courage to take the exam.Then I took again on February this year for one month of preparation.Even though I was not feeling well on the day of my exam because I had a flu 4 days before the big day I had to take the exam coz my husband and I have to go Florida the next day.That was a big mistake for me. I could have re- schedule it by March because my ATT will expire on the 3rd week of March.If only I asked my husband to go ahead first to visit his parents and have to stay here even though I have to pay for the penalty/charges of my plane ticket for re-scheduling.Those were the ifs and buts that bothered me for months when I did receive my result on March.I'm sorry if I'm not helping you.I'm taking again the exam and plan to take it next month. I'm new to this site and it gives me inspiration and encouragement to try again.Reading some of the posts of our fellow nurses here who support each other made me write this.Let's not lose hope and believe that we can do it thru determination and prayers.Good luck to you and to us all who are still on this fight.God bless you all and many thanks to all nurses who are here to help us when we need it.Aloha!
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    Hello, thankyou for your comments. any words of encouragement is helpful. I am feeling much better today and i am preparing to get back to studying on Monday. I'm new to the site as well. In the pass, I would visit the site and look at some post. But now I'm all in. I am grateful to all the fellow nurses. What materials are you using? I read that someone said that the Nclex for dummies really helped them. I've been trying to find a copy but no store has it. however i'm just curius to know if I should purchase the Hurst Review. Any suggestion is helpful.....Also, I wish you luck too!

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